Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: My Summer With You by L.J.

 Title:My Summer With You
 Author: L. J.
New Adult Contemporary Romance


 Stars: 5
Flames: 3-4

At the beginning I didn't think I was going to like Leah. But once away from home I actually did. She really did turn her attitude around. She's a city girl and definitly didn't want to be sent to her grandparents house for the summer. Leaving behind her best friend and sort of but not really boy friend she goes. Makes a fool of herself at the airport acting like a brat but she redeems herself rather quickly. She does start off at 17. There is a reason for that.

However, the mom makes me really sad. I have one like that myself. If I were to explain that I'd be giving you a spoiler and I hate giving spoilers. Her cousin makes me laugh. Well how everyone treats her cousin I should say. *giggles* This book flowed which is great because it's a short read. Well worth your time. 

I love Levi. He's sweet and full of charm. He's definitely a wonderful hot cowboy and young man. He is most definitely an adult and goes out of his way to help turn Leah around and spend time with her. Oh, maybe he waits a little too long and makes sure she's ready for him. He knows she's only there for the summer and she has this sort of but not really boy friend back home. I love how he acts about that whole situation. In fact there wasn't anything about this short read that I didn't love! Did I mention the hot cowboy can even cook? Yum! 

Naughty Bit: 

I’m too aware of his heavy woodsy scent to respond. My head feels fuzzy and I want him to touch me. “Leah,” he says, his calloused hand grabbing my elbow and turning me around.
   I glance up at him. His face is bent toward me, his breath smells of alcohol and mint. “Yes,” I mumble out, unable to look away from his mouth. God, those lips.
   “I want to kiss you right now.” My breath catches and I bite my lip. He dips his head lower until his grey eyes are straight ahead of mine. “Can I kiss you, Leah?”
   My lip trembles but I manage a nod. It’s the only signal he needs. Levi wraps one hand in the nape of my hair and drags my mouth to his. They’re just as soft as I imagined them. I open my mouth and invite him in. I moan when his tongue touches my bottom lip. Levi trails his other hand down my ribs to my waist where his calloused palm engulfs me.
   Nothing is making sense in my head. All I can think about is his lips and hands all over me. A warmth spreads over my most personal part when he sidesteps and pins me against the wall.
   “Fuck,” he whispers in my ear, while he kisses down my neck. Gripping his shirt, I pull until the buttons pop off  in a frenzy. I reach up and feel the hard muscles in his chest. Unable to stop myself, I tug at the bottom of his undershirt until he stands tanned chest and all in front of me. I trail my finger down his abs to his belt buckle and pull him toward me.
   His eyes are wild, stormy and on me. He reaches out with one hand grabbing my breast and the other placed on the wall beside my head. His teeth tug at my bottom lip. “Jesus,” I whisper, arching my back.
   Groaning, he reaches down and holsters me up until my legs are encircling his waist. He plants kisses down my neck to my cleavage while he walks away from the wall and to the couch. He sits down, me straddling him and grips my ass. Wetness has built between my legs and I want him to take all of our clothes off and take me.
   “I’m gonna take your dress of, Leah. Is that okay?” he asks in my ear. I nod. He growls and presses me down harder onto the growing lump in his pants. My breath catches when he reaches down my legs and lifts my dress over my head.
   Tossing it to the side, his eyes scan from my straddled waist all the way to my breast. I’m so glad I shaved my legs and wore a descent bra. He closes his eyes and brings my mouth to his again. With one swift movement he lays me down and hovers over me. “You’re so beautiful, Leah. I want you so bad,” he says before kissing down to my breast. Pulling down the cup he takes one nipple in his mouth.
   “Ah,” I moan and lift my hips. He sucks harder, his other hand rubbing my back all the way down to my ass.

New Adult Romance- Attended for mature audiences due to language and sexual content.

Short, sexy New Adult Novella.

Leah Fitzgerald’s summer couldn’t have gone to hell any faster. When she is caught drinking on campus, her mother can’t wait to ship her off to her grandmother’s in Podunk, Texas right before college. Leah is determined to be on her best behavior so she’ll be back in Oregon with Bracey her new ‘fling.’

That is until she meets Levi, her grandparent’s ranch hand and next-door-neighbor. He has a sexy southern drawl and even sexier Texas strut.

When Leah gets caught in Levi’s sight she will have to decide if Levi’s sexy, southern charm is worth the trouble it’ll cause with Bracey or leave not knowing what could have been.

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