Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blitz: Mohawk Moon by N. Kuhn

Title: Mohawk Moon
Author: N. Kuhn    
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Blitz Host: Lady Amber's Tours

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Janelle hasn't been home in ten years. All of a sudden, she has to deal with her mothers death, her broken relationship with her sister, and some sexy stranger following her. She doesn't know whether to be scared, or excited.

Damien needs to restore his families honor. He needs to use Janelle to do it, there's one problem. There's someone standing in the way. He's vowed that no one will stand in the way or getting what's his.

Together they must save what's left of both their families, and along the way, deal with what's going on between them. Join them on the beginning of their journey, under the Mohawk Moon.

 Naughty Bit: 

I take my shirt over my head, my long black hair cascading down, covering my breasts. He wraps his hand in it, pulling my head back gently. A shock waves through me where his lips meet my skin. He starts kissing my neck, slowly at first, then with more intensity as he moves down. I shudder with each touch. He smells wild, musky. That smell is more intoxicating than any alcohol I’ve ever had.

I kiss him again. It’s as if I’ve been starving all these years, and he’s the food that’s been withheld from me. He rolls over, pinning me underneath him. His one hand still wrapped in my hair, holding me prisoner in our kiss. His other hand trying to free me from my jeans. I reach down and help him. I’m impatient. I want him. I can’t wait. I try to slip out of them, my brain’s not working. I can’t get them off.

Damien breaks our kiss, and laughs.
“You still have your shoes on genius.” He smiles at me, reaching down to unlace my boots. His smile causes the heat in my groin to spread, my whole body feeling it. I smile back, watching the muscles in his arms flex with each movement. He eases them off, tossing them aside. Gliding my jeans off my legs, he takes his time, his fingers feeling their way down. For a moment, I wonder, shit, did I even shave my legs? He doesn’t seem to care, so neither do I. I sit up, pulling at his pants as he undoes his own boots. I just need him out of them. I need him on me, in me.

Throwing himself back on top of my body, I feel his heart beating, racing, faster as he begins kissing my neck again. His strong hands all the while exploring, groping. I roam his body with mine, trying to commit every inch of him to memory. Every crevice, every line, every muscle. I writhe beneath him. Wanting him. Dying to feel him inside of me.

Author Bio:
The N in N. Kuhn is actually Nicole. She was born and raised in western New York. She grew up with a love of books, and a passion for writing. She was always found with her nose in a book. She finally decided to take the steps to embark into self publishing at the urging of her Grandmother. Mrs. Kuhn has dedicated her second book to Janet Starr, as she passed just days after being published.

Nicole survives on coffee alone. Mostly Tim Hortons. (It’s a NY thing.) A fan of drinking it from the time she gets up, until she finally rests. When not writing, she crochets and spends time with her beautiful daughter and her husband. Her friends call her Octo-Mom because she multi-tasks so well. Between her full time job, family, crochet and writing, it’s a wonder she ever sleeps.

Mrs. Kuhn feels that reading in our youth is a very important trait to instill. She reads with her young daughter as much as she can. “It’s the most important thing a parent can ever do with a child. Read, teach them to read. Don’t buy them toys, buy them books,” She says.

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