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Tour Stop: Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon

Book Info:

Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon

Book #1

By Robert S. Fuller Jr.

Publication Date: November 2012


Book Blurb:

While collaborating on a fashion show, Samantha Hammond, a forty-something Display Manager, draws the attention of the mysterious clothing designer Valerie Ross. Samantha’s journey of self-discovery takes her from the security of her hometown in Lexington, Ohio to the shores of a secluded paradise called Sabbatical Island. As their relationship flourishes, Samantha learns that Valerie harbors a terrifying secret. The revelation thrusts Samantha into a nightmarish world where vampires and witches dwell in the darkness. Pamela Darius, a murderous adversary from Valerie’s past, uses Samantha and those around her as pawns in a deadly game filled with seduction, pain, betrayal, and death.

Rob has stopped by to give you a little behind the scenes peek on one of his sensual scenes. I found it really interesting! It's really fascinating to me to see it from this POV! And don't forget to check out the giveaway at the bottom. =)
 Thanks Rob!

When Naughty Bits asked me to write about one of my books sensual scenes, it got me thinking really hard about what I would write. “Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon” is the story of adults dealing with adult dilemmas, while this entire supernatural world reveals itself, and threatens to consume several of the characters.

There are several sensual scenes, including one that opens the book. That scene features a vampire, Valerie, and a young man who has volunteered to sacrifice himself to provide her with nourishment. Although this sets the tone for the book, the real meat of the relationships involves Valerie and an insecure forty-year old business woman, Samantha. The two meet while collaborating on a project together.

Their attraction is immediate, but both hold back for reasons unknown to each other. After several false starts, including Valerie’s heartfelt revelation about what she is and Samantha’s brutal rejection, the two find their way back to each other. Samantha eventually accepts Valerie, and that sets the stage for several trysts, with each of them more intense than the last one.

Finally the stage was set and I dove into writing the most passionate encounter I could. Writing a steamy and realistic love scene proved to be more awkward than I thought. I wanted to cater “Valerie” to a wide audience, but I also wanted to create an edginess that set it apart from other recent vampire books.

The scene I wrote began with Valerie and Samantha making their way outside. Once they were safely behind the privacy fence that surrounds the backyard, Samantha gives herself to her vampire lover. I wrote “Valerie” to be a visual experience. I imagined how each scene would look if it were shown on a movie screen. The scene in the backyard features Samantha taking charge of her sexuality. I thought to myself, what would be something deeply erotic, and yet still keep to the vampire theme as much as possible.

Using power words such as pierce and ravage, the scene crackled with tension and passion. When Valerie demands that Samantha keep her eyes fixed on hers, you can feel the hunger and desire pouring from the page. For once, these two women were intertwined and fed off of each other’s craving for the other one. I’ve enclosed an excerpt to give you a front row seat to what I feel is one of the most passionate scenes in the book. I hope you enjoy.

Still guarded, but hearing the truth in Valerie’s voice, Samantha walks to the darkest part of the yard, knowing that Valerie will be able to see her as clearly as if it were daylight. She takes off her jeans and leans seductively against the tree, waiting for her lover to ravage her. She catches a glimpse of Valerie standing in the moonlight as the tree begins to sway as the wind picks up.

“Come and take me, my love,” Samantha calls out with her thoughts.

Valerie removes her clothing and for the first time, Samantha gazes upon Valerie’s naked flesh. Samantha shivers as she watches Valerie slinking towards her. Samantha tentatively follows Valerie’s lead and drops to her knees on the dew soaked grass. Valerie takes Samantha into her arms and kisses her lips and neck. Valerie lays Samantha on her back, kissing her warm wet lips. Her tongue traces a path from Samantha’s lips to her neck. She pauses and moves Samantha’s necklace out of the way. Samantha whimpers softly and her body tenses up, as Valerie’s tongue teases her breasts, flicking over Samantha’s hardened nipples.

Samantha reaches down at her sides and pulls clumps of grass up with her hands, as shockwaves of pleasure surge through her. Valerie’s tongue continues its path downward finally reaching Samantha’s womanhood. The intense sensation of Valerie's mouth causes Samantha to spread her legs and encourages Valerie to fully explore her depths. Samantha’s body contorts in delirious delight, as Valerie’s icy fingers massage her thighs. In spite of her heightened state of arousal, Samantha becomes aware of Valerie’s fingers tracing the outlines of the scars on her inner thigh. Without thinking, she tries to close her legs, but Valerie looks up catching her eyes and positions herself between Samantha’s legs.

“Do not fear my love. I won’t judge you for what you did years ago. We all carry scars of our past. Look deeply into my eyes. I want to taste you,” Valerie says as the nail of her index finger grows to a sharpened point. Samantha’s body tenses as she prepares to feel Valerie’s mouth finally reach the seat of her desire.

Do not look away from me and I promise you will feel pleasure unlike any you have ever felt before.”

Samantha gasps, as Valerie touches the sharpened fingernail to the soft flesh of her inner thigh. She carefully pierces the skin and for a second, pain registers on Samantha’s face. She does as Valerie has instructed and keeps her eyes focused on Valerie’s and the pain soon gives way to a strong tingling sensation in her stomach. Samantha moans loudly and bites her lower lip in ecstasy, as Valerie’s nail slices into her skin, causing a trickle of blood to run down her thigh. Valerie fixes her gaze squarely on Samantha, as she places her mouth around the wound tasting its sweetness. Violent waves of pleasure begin racking Samantha’s body as she struggles to keep her eyes open.

About the Author:


Robert is a fan of all things relating to vampires. It’s this obsession with vampires that makes his debut, “Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon”, the perfect vehicle to launch his writing career. Robert was born and raised in Northeast Ohio at a time when late night television stations filled their programming with old horror movies. Robert gravitated towards the motion picture vampire, but also the vampires depicted in the writings of Stephen King, F. Paul Wilson, and Robert McCammon.

Robert worked at JC Penney’s, where he spent 10 years in the Visual Display Department. His love of vampires, and a decade in the retail/fashion industry, provided the inspiration to create his own vampire tale. After several years of writing and re-writing, “Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon” was born.

When Robert isn’t writing, he enjoys going to the movies, or listening to his extensive music collection. Robert is a huge sports fan, but prefers football and baseball to all other sports. One of his favorite pastimes is participating as team owner and Commissioner of a long running fantasy football league. Robert manages to travel to the beaches of South Carolina at least once a year to recharge and enjoy some ocean time. Robert is married to his best friend and soulmate, Jackie. They have a son, Dustin, and two rambunctious cats, Meeps and Benny.

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