Monday, March 18, 2013

Review:You'll Be Safe Here

Title: You'll Be Safe Here

Author: Kristine Pierce

Genre: New Adult contemporary romance

Extra information: 
This is a novella of just over 40 pages,

 Stars: 3

I liked how this story developed. Bella and Gabriel certainly make an imperfect couple and I liked how it ended. It was a good read but I really didn't like Scal as a love interest. After finding out about what Gabriel does for living I wanted more of anything out of him. Overall it was well paced and an interesting read. At 40 pages it doesn't leave a whole lot for me to say without giving the entire book away. Its darker them most Contemporary Romance books. After all what Gabriel does for a living is very bad and some may find it to be really distateful. Small Spoiler: He's in human trafficking of young girls.  And Scal's reaction to Gabriel's job seems very under done. It makes for a good short read. Honestly as short as it is I say take the risk and read it. But if you don't think you can stomach what Gabriel does for a living then you will want to skip it.
Bella Martinez has been living in hell since she was born. Raised by an abusive mother, she thought she was safe when she was found by Gabriel.

Gabriel Collins is a criminal. A Manhattan thief now turned millionaire. He loves Bella but still doesn’t understand how love goes when it’s mixed with money and power especially when Bella disapproves of his current work where he earns millions of dollars.

Enter Scal Farrell. A lead vocalist of an international band who accidentally meets Bella. A bit younger than Gabriel and playful.

You’ll Be Safe Here (Promises, Prayers and Secrets Series) is a story of lost hope, misplaced love and secrets. Secrets that are woven in their lives. Secrets that can destroy them. Or make their circumstances into something entirely new, different – and totally safe.

About this author

Kristine Pierce is a stay at home mom of 2 toddlers (3 1/2 year old boy and 1 year old girl) and wife living on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. She finally found her true and long overdue calling - become a published author. As a graphic designer and visual artist (oil and acrylic on canvas), she also makes sure she designs her own book covers.

She has been a home maker and stay-at-home mommy and wifey for close to 5 years now. And life has never been better for her! She just loves working from home even if she has to balance among the demands of motherhood, being a wife and writing her books. She is definitely taking control of her life, love, dreams and goals…all in the comfort of her home and family.

Kristine loves playing with her two babies, gadgets, trying out different cuisines, traveling, and of course very passionate about reading and writing books in the contemporary romance, paranormal romance genres.

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