Monday, March 4, 2013

Rock n Roll Promises Read Along Hop!

 I get to come to you today to share AmBear's new Adult Paranormal Romance and give you the links to her Hop links for this month. 

I bet your wondering what the book is about first. So lets find out together. It sounds really HOT and I can't wait to read it to find out. And she has a giveaway going on right now.

Rock & Roll Promises 
by AmBear Shellea
Adult Paranormal Romance

**Not recommended for young readers**

Seeing these warnings make me smile every time!

The Beginning of a new existence and the creation of a whole new animal.

Fulfilling a promise leads to searching her soul, her past, and the one night that changed her life forever...

Young, vibrant and with her whole life in front of her, Anna, who had recently traveled to Australia, is looking forward to ringing in the new year at her favorite bar. Dressed to the hilt, ready for a great night, she meets Sebastian-Tall, mysterious and handsome. Her one stand turns into a one life exchange!
The beginning of a new existence.

Anna finds her new life holds more than even she knows. It promises rock n roll, sex, love and secrets. She embraces her new found self and learns to adapt. Anna, and her best friend, Paige, move back home to the states and live as normally as they can. As they say, best laid plans and all. Life has a different plan and yet another set of rules--Rules that even she breaks.
The creation of a whole new animal.

How about a 

Naughty Bit

  Oh a different position. Plastered against the cool wall, he started anew from behind her. Reaching back, she grabbed a hand full of his ass in each of hers. A loud deep moan sounded in her ear when her long red nails dug in again. His pace quickened. She felt it building, staring at her core once more. The heat from within her had him moving at an Olympic speed. The room filled with the sound of their moans and the thumping of the wall. Her hips in his hands, he moved faster and faster. Heat and chills raced up and down her spine as her energy peeked. Another volcanic explosion and her body stiffened with his, as the onslaught of the orgasm took over.

The bed screeched along the floor when she followed his lead and her tired sweaty body crumpled onto the bed. Her head rolled to the side as she looked at him. She noticed his body fashioned as much sweat as hers. His eyes were closed and he rested his hands on his chest as he tried to catch his breath. Holy cow that was the best sex I have ever had! His whispered voice sounded next to her.

“How was that?”

“It was okay.” Actually, that was great, but let’s not feed his ego too much. She almost laughed at the questioning and confused expression that crossed his face.

“Okay? I made you scream more than once I recall.”

“Yea, I was faking it for your sake. Didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“Oh really?”


“Huh, it didn’t feel faked to me. Your screams of pleasure were pretty convincing. I think you are lying.”

Chills ran the throughout her frame, when he gently ran his fingers up and down her leg. She concentrated on keeping her breathing even. She rolled her eyes his direction and placed a coy smile on her face. “Guess you will be left with that burning question.”

“And what question would that be?”

“Was I genuine, or did I fake it.” So, genuine, my cravings just may change. Whew, my heart is pounding.

“Guess there is only one way to find out. We will just have to do it again, only this time, see if you can keep from screaming out my name.”

“Funny, I don’t remember screaming out your name. Perhaps you were hearing things.”

“Oh no? Well you will this time around.”

Not…fair! Cheating…Soft brown hair, twisted and tangled in her hands, she wrapped her legs around his neck as he started round two.


 Looking forward to finding out more about this book? You're in luck. Just follow along with us all using the hop links below! 

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  1. Thanx, ladies this is a wonderful posting! Love it!

    Stay Awesome!


  2. What was your favorite part to write

    1. When I started, it was the rock n roll parts, but by the time I was finished, it was the small tidbits of backstory about Jaxson!

  3. How long did it take u to write this story

    1. All in all, editing included it took me about 8-9months. It wasn't always sunshine and rainbows, but it has been well worth it already.

  4. Where do you get your inspiration to write your stories?

    1. The fantasy series, I kid you not, came to me in a dream. That first night I had the H/H names and how it ended. This Paranormal series, just nagged at me for months before I finally conceeded. There are so many Vampire stories already out there. That is why I have worked very hard to make everything in this story is unique and different. As you read it, you might THINK some of it sounds like the norm, but remember this is a series and not everything is what it seems. I assure you there are many twists and turns coming your way as this series unfolds!

    2. That sounds really cool AmBear!

  5. Who got to pick the hot guy on the cover? ;)

  6. Where do you get your inspiration for Jaxson?


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