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Tour: HOT Guest Post: Giveaway: Monster by Ben Burgess Jr.

Monster Tour
Author: Ben Burgess Jr.

Tormented while growing up for being dark-skinned, and the son of a womanizer who deserts his family regularly, Ken Ferguson longed for that feeling of being loved. Ken promised himself that he wouldn’t be a manipulating, deceitful man like his father, but after being cheated on and dumped by the girl he thought he would one day marry, he begins his transformation. Fueled by anger, and tired of being the “nice guy”, Ken drowns himself in one-night stands, threesomes, affairs with married women, and sleeping with one conquest after another. He adopts the philosophy of having no commitment and no attachments, but meets his match with Ashley, a girl that makes him want to stop his promiscuous ways. But Ashley turns out to do even more damage to his ego and his heart, wounding him deeply. With his philosophy reinforced, Ken spirals out of control and becomes a MONSTER. Sleeping with and mistreating random women he meets at bars and clubs, Ken uses sex to forget about his insecurities, his anger, and his sadness. Will Ken learn to let go of his heartbreaks, or will he be consumed by them and continue to be a MONSTER?
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Okay so that's your basic information you need. Lets get down and dirty with Ben! 


Top Ten Naughty Bits in the Book: 

"She slowly unzipped my jeans, pulling my erection out of my pants. I could see the approval in her face. She stroked it in her hands, and put it deep in her mouth. Holy shit, it felt so good. Each time she moved her mouth on it, she tried to get more and more of it inside.
“Jesus, you’re about to give me lockjaw here,” she said, joking briefly and then filled her mouth again.
A part of me felt bad. I didn’t have any intention of being in a relationship with her. I had no feelings for her, but that did feel good, and I was moving on"( I enjoyed writing this part of the book because I wanted readers to see his innocence. At this point he actually "feels bad" that he was about to be intimate with this girl even though he had no feelings for her. I felt it would make people question their own reason for having sex with people.)

 "I penetrated Kelly harder. I stroked, and stroked, and stroked. Kelly shook her head vigorously. I ran my fingers down her back, and felt the shiver run down her spine. Kelly’s vagina started to spasm. I felt it squeezing around me tightly, and then she climaxed. I pulled out of Kelly. Kelly turned around, and pulled the condom off me. She started to go down on me eagerly. Rachel crawled under her. Kelly opened her legs wider, so that Rachel could eat her. Rachel fingered, slurped, sucked, and licked Kelly thoroughly like she was a porn star. The stimulation from Kelly going down on me, watching Rachel going down on her, and just being in this situation, made my orgasm sneak up on me. I came powerfully. I lay there panting. We spent the rest of the night touching and pleasing each other.  When it was all over, I laid in the bed with both of them nuzzled comfortably on my chest. I felt like the king of the world." (I enjoyed writing the scene in the book because this experience was the catalyst that caused Ken to be desensitized  He realized with this experience that he could enjoy meaningless sex and not get hurt.)
 "She went down on me, but her mood had changed. She was sucking on me like she was paying her husband back for all the women he ever cheated on her with. The increased swiftness was driving me wild. I warned her that I was close, but she ignored me and kept her rhythm going. I came, and she swallowed it all. We lay in her backseat half naked and winded." (What I enjoyed about writing these scene is that I felt many women who have had a cheating spouse, could understand Gina's behavior here. In this scene we see more of how Ken is becoming desensitized to his actions.) 
"I positioned her knees to her breasts, and entered her. She winced, and moaned loudly. She was tight.  Her tightness enhanced the pleasure for me, but I knew that I would have to start off slow until she got accustomed to my size.  I stroked her with a moderate pace. Each time I tried to get more of my penis in.
“Oh my god… you’re so deep… so deep”
I continued my stride. I held under her knees, and spread her legs. I stroked her harder. Heather buried her face in my chest; her breathing was so hard it sounded like she was hyperventilating. I pulled her face from my chest so I could watch the expression of both pain and pleasure across it. Her faced was flushed.
“You feel so good…so fucking good.”
Her mouth formed the letter O. Spasms went all throughout her body. Her eyes were glazed over. She clenched her teeth. That beautiful face of a woman releasing her orgasm surfaced. I pulled out of her, and remnants of her orgasm continued to move through her as she squirmed on the bed. She rode me, but she didn’t have much experience with that, so we didn’t stay in that position long. We went into a scissors position and then into doggie. Surprisingly, she liked it hard, and loved when I massaged her anus with my thumb. I thought that she would be prissy, and would want it slow and romantic, but she liked it rough, and she loved talking dirty." ( What I enjoyed about writing this scene is that I really wanted it to be intense. I wanted readers to feel what he felt. ;-)"
 "I swiftly turned her around, pulled down her pants and panties. I pulled my pants, underwear off, and bent her over the metal railing of the balcony.
“I want you so bad right now,” Denise said.
I quickly ripped open the condom wrapper and got suited up for our afternoon delight. Denise’s ass swayed from side to side, rubbing against my hardness.  I arched her body over the railing, grabbed my penis and entered her. She grunted loudly. I gripped her breast and started thrusting my hips.  I thrusted into her so hard, her entire body moved and the balcony railing vibrated.
“Yes. Fuck Me!”
“Shhh.  People are going to hear you,” I whispered.
“Good I want them to hear me getting fucked.”
Her neighbor’s blinds were moving; the mailman stopped, and looked up. He stood next to his truck to hide that he was watching, but I saw him. Denise saw him too. She got wetter. She put one leg over the top of the railing, and I was able to get more of my penis inside of her. Denise’s eyes were closed now. Her breathing thickened. I felt that pressure building inside her, getting ready to reach its peak.  I continued to slam into her. My hips collided with her ass. Her head tilted forward. She yelled out, releasing her beautiful orgasm to the world. I think the feeling of getting caught amplifies her orgasms." (  I enjoyed writing this scene because I think a lot of people have the urge to have sex in public but few would ever do so.)

 "I poured the lotion into my hands and rubbed them together. I began to rub the lotion all over her skin. I dug my fingers into the small of her back, and worked my way up to her shoulder blades, massaging and working the tension out of them. I poured more lotion on, and massaged her thighs and calves.  Her body felt so relaxed. I turn her over onto her back, and lotion up her breast. I kissed her stomach and licked all the way down to her thighs. Gina grabbed the back of my head; she couldn't take me teasing her. I knew she wanted that release. I licked her vagina and sucked on her clit. My tongue did circles all over it. I licked and hummed, creating that added vibration that drives her wild. I curved my fingers and started touching the roof of her vagina, working my fingers. Gina’s head turned side to side. I could feel her vagina muscles tightening around my fingers. Her nails begin to claw on the sheets. I continued to make circles with my tongue; I continued to work my fingers. Gina started to make fists and pounded the mattress. She arched her back, and her body started convulsing. She screamed out, holding my face in it. Her juices were all over me. I got up to get a towel to wipe my face. She stayed in the bed smiling, and twitching non-stop." ( What I enjoyed about writing this scene is that I felt that the reader could see how he has learned to adjust to the women he is with and he learned to be more intimate to enhance the experience.)
"“Are you ok honey?”
“Yes. Yes. I’m ok……It’s fine,” She said.
“Do you want him to stop or slow down?” Tony asked.
“No...I want it like this.”
I was relentless. Barreling my penis inside her, and hearing her scream out in both pain and ecstasy. I could tell it hurt her a little bit, but she started to enjoy it more and more as time went on. Tony was turned on too. His eyes were glued to the action. I laid her flat on her stomach, and entered her from behind. She screamed loudly. My erection pulsated inside of her as I felt her vagina stretching to accommodate me. I stroked her hard and fast. Tony leaned over and started talking dirty to her.
“Do you like that black dick baby? Do you like that big black dick inside you right now?”
“Yes, Yes. Baby,” She said.
“Do you like being fucked like a slut?”
“Yes baby, I love it.”
I couldn’t believe he really enjoyed watching her getting fucked. She tightened up around my penis, and came again. Her body shook uncontrollably. I put her legs to the side. I put one on my right shoulder, and kept the other to the side. I continued to stroke her.
“Rub on your clit honey. Tell me when you’re going to cum again. I want you to tell me. Ok baby?” Tony said.
She followed his instructions and it wasn’t long until she was coming again.
 “I’m……oh my god……I’m…….Cumming! She pushed me off, and shook hard.
Tony kissed her and held her. “That was beautiful honey. You looked so beautiful.”
They kissed. Linda lay on the bed weak and shaky from cumming so hard." ( I really enjoyed writing this part of the book because I wanted to show the readers a small part of the secret world of swinging.)
 " I eased into her, and slowly began my rhythm. She wrapped her arms around my back, and matched my speed. After a short while in that position, Ashley told me she wanted to be on top. She rode me wildly, controlling the penetration, and the speed. I grabbed her butt, and slapped it intermittently. She leaned over, and I sucked her nipples. She leaned back, rocked, moved up and down and in circles, working hard to make me cum. This was a game to her. She wanted control. She wanted me to submit to her vagina. Her face had confidence written all over it, like she believed she would have me under her finger after she made me cum. My breathing was rough and erratic. My muscles tense. My heart was beating out my chest. I felt like I couldn't hold back much longer, but I adjusted.  I slowed down my breathing, relaxed my muscles, and tried to put my thoughts somewhere else. I didn't want to cum yet. I didn't want her to beat me in this. I wanted her to be addicted to me. I moved her off me. This bought me a few seconds to try to cool down. I positioned her for doggie style. Putting her in a different position helped me to gain my composure. I thrusted into her. My balls slammed against her backside. I wanted her to be hooked. Ashley shocked me again. Her vaginal muscles tightened. She felt like she was virgin tight. She felt heavenly, but I couldn't give in. I knew that whoever came first would have the power over the other, and that was going to be me. I kept stroking her. When I felt like I was close to cumming again in that position, I moved her onto her back. I spread her legs apart as far as they could go, held her by the waist, and stroked her deep. She wailed, and moaned. I plunged into her deeply, stroking her mercilessly. She was wet beyond belief. I felt the shivers start going through her body. Her chest started to rise and fall rapidly. I licked my left thumb, and start massaging her clit while I stroked her. This much stimulation drove her crazy. Her back arched. She moaned loudly, and her hands clawed the sheets. She began to spasm and shudder uncontrollably, and then it happened. She surrendered to her orgasm. All of her senses seemed touched as the orgasm ran through her body. She was mine. She broke first, so I had the power. She placed her hand on my chest signaling for me to give her a minute. I wasn’t satisfied yet. I wanted her to come again before I went once. I pulled out of her, and immediately started to go down on her. I licked all around her lips, worked my tongue in and out of her, and sucked on the head of her clitoris. From the squeal she made, her orgasm must have snuck up on her. She slapped the bed hard, her vagina fluttered uncontrollably. Her legs trembled, she couldn’t stop cursing. While she was still weak from orgasm, I turned her around, and started doing her doggie style. I plunged into her quick and powerful.
“Shit,” She cried out.                                                             
“Say my name.”
She shook her head no. I didn’t know if she was overwhelmed with the intense feeling of our sex or she was resisting giving in. I was unrelenting with my penetration.
“Say my name,” I repeated.
Again she wouldn’t. While still in doggie style I stood up for more leverage, and pounded into her deeper.
“Ohhhh, Damn... my God,” She screamed.
“Say it.”
She swallowed hard. Her face was flushed.
“Say it,” I demanded.
Her breathing was choppy again. Her vagina spasming, telling me that she was close to climaxing again.
“Ken!” She screamed out.
“Who are you with right now?”
“Ken!” She exclaimed.
I wanted to know that she wasn’t envisioning someone else. I wanted to know that her feelings were with me. I wanted her to know that the person that was making her feel this good was me.
“Who do you want right now?”
“KEN, KEN, KENNNN... I’m cumming!” She screamed.
Her body went limp and her body spasmed repeatedly on the bed.  I was happy she came numerous times, and I hadn't gone once." (This was one of my favorite scenes to write because I felt readers could see that Ken wanted more than anything to prove that he was enough for her. He wanted to prove that he was the best guy she would ever experience.)
The head board is hitting the wall in my bedroom. Loud moans, heavy breathing, and sounds of the bed creaking are permeating the room. I’m in a trance. Krissy is experiencing both ecstasy, and pain as I’m doing her doggie style. With each thrust I wanted to go through her. I wanted her to feel the pain that I was feeling. The whole time, all I could think about was Ashley. Every thrust, I wanted to kill the weakness that I felt. I wanted to callous that soft spot in my heart that I had for her. Krissy tried to turn her head to look at me, but I pulled her by her hair. I didn’t want to be looked at. I couldn’t even look at myself right now.
“Oh my god Ken, Oh my …”
Krissy came, and cursed loudly. I pumped away, harder and faster until I came. We lay in the bed together panting.
“Are you ok?”
“I’m good…why?”
“I… I just worry about you. You scare me sometimes.”
“I know there’s something on your mind. You weren’t with me.  I mean you were with me in the physical sense, but you weren’t with me mentally, emotionally. What’s wrong?”
“I…I’m fine. I got a couple things stressing me out, but nothing I can’t handle. I’ll be alright.”
“Kenny you know you can talk to me about anything right?”
“I know.”
“Well I’m here for you. You can tell me anything.”
I didn’t doubt that she would listen to my problems and be that sympathetic ear for me to vent to, but I didn’t want someone to vent to. I needed more. I needed to escape. I slept with more women. With each one I was able to forget about my insecurities, my anger, my sadness, each new woman that I touched gave me a sense of power, and control.  Even if it were only temporary, that feeling of euphoria that I got from pleasing them made me feel loved. While I had the pretend feeling of love, it didn’t hide the fact that the hole in my heart that Bri and Ashley had left from hurting me was getting bigger and bigger. Nothing was filling it or making it better. I preyed on women who were beautiful yet materialistic, because at least I knew what I was going into. They were using me, and I was using them. I would go to bars, and clubs, wear my Armani outfits, dangle my car keys, and watch as dumb materialistic women would flock to me. I would screw some of them in the back seat of my car or in the bathrooms of the places I met them.
“Damn that was good. Did I rock your world?”
I didn’t even remember this girl’s name.
“You were alright. I’ve had better.”
“What? Fuck you! I don’t need this shit...You weren’t all that either.”
The nameless girl angrily gathered her clothes.
“Yeah? Let yourself out.”
“Fuck you...Treating me like I’m some prostitute.”
“You fucked me on the first night after I treated you to a few drinks, and flossed some cash. How did you expect me to treat you?”
She looked angry, and insulted. She stormed out of my place, and slammed my door loudly. I didn’t care about her or any of the other sluts I had one nighters with. I didn’t care about anything anymore.

“Do you like that?”
Some random girl I met in the bar is going down on me in the bathroom stall. She’s terrible at it. I grab her head, and force my member deep into her mouth. She gags and coughs.
“I can’t breathe when you do that.”
She continued to suck me off, but I was so bored with it that I just bent her over, and banged her doggy style in the stall.
“It’s too hard...oh my god...It hurts,” she yelled.
My face and emotions were unfazed by her words. I kept pounding her. My rhythm was unrelenting.
“Oh God...Damn.”
She placed her hand on my chest to try to slow me down. I pushed her hand away, and continued. I pulled out of her, took the condom off, and came all over her ass. When I was done, I pushed her off me. She fell to the floor. I adjusted my clothes, and walked out of the bathroom.
“Hey, what the fuck was that? You just fuck me, and treat me like I’m a piece shit?”
“We’re you expecting more?”
“Ooooh, I can’t stand fucking men,” She screamed. ( What I liked about these scenes is that we see that Ken has become completely heartless and has evolved into a 'Monster". This entire part of the book was mean and nasty, and that was the point.
The candles made her body look like it was glowing. I couldn’t wait to finally be intimate with her. I thought about how strongly I felt connected to her. It was more than a physical attraction. I loved all of the little things that made Lynn, Lynn. I loved her ambition, and all her strengths, mentally, emotionally physically. I loved how she brought out the best in me, and pushed me to strive for more in life. I loved how she accepted my past, and didn’t judge me or look down at me. Most importantly I recognized that I couldn’t picture her not being in my life. I realized that this was different than with the other girls in the past. I really loved her.
She came into the bed. We kissed long, and deep. We looked at each other with desire, and wanting. Our hands roamed over each other excitedly. I loosened her bra, my mouth all over her neck and breasts. My hands explored every inch of her body. Lynn took off my tank top and pulled down my boxers. She licked her lips, touched, and rubbed that part of me that makes me a man. I laid her down on her back, and took off her thong panties. She opened her thighs, showing the beautiful part of her that made her a woman. She held the top of my bald head as my faced moved inside of her vagina with my tongue leading the way. Licking, sucking, and fingering her until her eyes rolled back. She was in complete nirvana. I took out a condom out of my nightstand. I mounted her. She held on to my butt with one hand, and guided me inside her with the other. She shuddered, wrapped her legs around my back, and clung to me as I pushed inside her. Our bodies were sexually in tune with each other. She felt heavenly. Her vagina was so tight, and moist.  Her moans echoed off of my walls. We switched positions. She rode me, controlling the penetration and the speed. She moved faster. She shook her head robustly, praising the lord, and telling me how good I was making her feel. I felt her walls fluttering. Her breathing was heavier.  Her legs trembled, and then that beautiful spasm when you know a woman reaches her peak of satisfaction; when her entire body is paralyzed by complete ecstasy. She collapsed on my chest. I could feel her orgasm run through her body like a wave. We both went to bed later that night satisfied. I was so in love with her; at that moment I felt like this was my first time truly making love. (The reason why this is my favorite scene in the book is because even though Ken had slept with many women, this scene he finally understood that there is a difference between meaningless sex and making love. I felt readers could also learn that you can always evolve further. Your improvement never stops!)

Ben Burgess Jr is the author of the new novel "Monster" and the author of the poetry book "Times Have Changed and Life is Strange" He is an active performer of spoken word poetry. Ben Burgess Jr uses his love of writing to inspire and influence youths to strive for what they believe in, and to never give up on their dreams. His poetry book "Times Have Changed and Life is Strange" is currently used in two schools in the lower east side of Manhattan. Ben Burgess has a BA degree in Business Management, and a MA degree in Educational Leadership. He is the proud father of his daughter Jaelynn and is active in trying to improve urban neighborhoods and communities.

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