Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tour: Got Toys Interview: Heavy Metal Heartbeat by AmBear Shellea

 Waiting on my mystery guest. 
Who's excited?
This women is! 
I get to visit with Sebastian in a few moments.
*looks at the door heart pumping a little to fast*

Walking through the door and into the interview room, his confidence floated off him in waves, as if delicate hands reached out, touching you as he passed.  He eyed the small space and noted that Naughty had lowered the lights for his comfort, and made quick accommodations in the change of venue.  He smiled and planted a sweet kiss upon her cheek on his way to his chair, his moment in the spotlight.

Nice and comfy, he flashed his wicked white smile and waited for her cheeky inquisition to begin.

NB: “Thank you for coming on short notice, could you let our audience, for those who don't know, explain who you are?”

S: “Why, yes, my dear. Anything for such a pretty face.” He faced audience. Long fingers smoothed his silk shirt. He flashed them some fang,”I am Sebastian. The oldest and ,in my opinion, the best Vampire in The Rock n Roll Paraphantasy Series.” Spreading his hands, “ And I single-handedly created Anna, who in turn, created your favorite Hottie Hunter, Ozzie!”

NB: “Now, wasn't he supposed to be here today?”

S: “Yes, but he is, as those of you who have read Heavy Metal Heartbeat, know he is very busy with His Business. I don't want to spoil anything.”

NB:  “Well, We have you, so shall we get started?  When AmBear informed me you would be joining us, I tweaked the questions a bit.”

S: “Tweaked the questions? Why, now I am intrigued. Please, do let's start.”

NB: “Okay, So here is how this will work.  It is kind of like 20 questions. I will give you two options you answer quickly, whatever comes to mind first and please, these are racy questions and we do love some racy details!”

S: Leaning in toward her, he smiled wickedly, “Oh I can give you a demonstration if you so desire.”

NB: “No, no, just some juicy details would be sufficient.”

S: Shaking his head, “As you wish!” He sat back in his chair and waited for the game to start. He inwardly smiled at the blush upon his inquisitor's cheeks and the naughty sparkle in her eyes.

Oh how I am going to love this game.

NB: “Here we go. Number 1: In the bedroom, Wild or Mild?”

S: “Well now that would depend on the partner, however, I guess you could say, Wild!  There is very little I will refuse.”

NB: “Number 2, Submissive or Dominate?”

S:  “Both! There is something to be said for being at the mercy of your partner, not knowing when you will fall off the euphoric cliff but to hold the power of someone's orgasm in your hands...That kind of power...” His smile widened, “...rules worlds.”

NB: “Yes, I agree! Number 3,  Leather or Lace?”

S: “ Oh, I like the feel of leather for myself, but I love the feel of lace across my skin when its attached to the one I am bedding. Lace, so see through and so teasing. ”

NB: “Spanking or Kissing?”

S: “Why, My dear, when done properly, you can do both!  I do both, at the same time.”

NB: “ Moans or Screams?”

S: “I have no preference to either one. I only prefer to know that my playmate is enjoying themselves, and if by chance they must scream my name...” He shrugged.” So be it!  It has happened on many occasions.”

NB: “Furry, Metal or cloth?”

S: “ and Leather, and Rope, and chains! Oh the fun things you can do with such supplies!”

NB: “Well, this has been fun but it looks like our time is up. Thank you Sebastian. I have enjoyed our visit. “

S: He leaned over, grabbed her hand and kissed it sweetly. “Yes, I to must go. I have many things to attend to.” He turned to the audience. “Be sure to check out all the Naughty situations my cast mates get themselves into in Heavy Metal Heartbeat. “  He turned back to NB, “You going to give them the rest of the info?”

NB: “Yes, I have all that coming up in just a moment.”

S: “In that case...” and he was gone. 

*takes a few deep breaths*

Well how about that! I was told there was a last minute change at who'd be here but holy Hottness! 
Can you feel the heat from where you are? 
I think I need a walk-in-freezer! 

*fans self with the information folder*
Okay, as promised here are the juicy book details! 

 Title: Heavy Metal Heartbeat
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Audience: Adult
Author: AmBear Shellea
Release date: May 1, 2013
Purchase sites:  

Amazon (Kindle) | KOBO ||B&N (Online Only)


Heavy Metal Heartbeat is one wild ride. Its twists, turns and mind games will leave you breathless and borderline crazy.

This rockin' adventure begins with Ozzie, who has awakened from a harsh brush with death. Just as he thought he overcame all the dangers of his supernatural survival, danger strikes with a vengeance. The news of the kidnapping of a loved one ignites his rage, unlocking a family secret and changing who he is forever.

Now he's in a rush to play hero and savior. There's only problem; What happens if the savior becomes a villain?

Ozzie's friends, with the help of his father, put him to the test to see if he can indeed be the hero that saves the day or the hindrance that gets them all killed. While visiting the in-between he is given the knowledge to overcome his situation. All he must do is embrace who he is. Who is that, exactly?

Turns out when you take a human man with an ancient bloodline, add in slash marks from a Wolf, a bite from a Vampire, the pure love from the woman he loves and piss him off, you get a man no one expected!

Bad Ass Hunter or Uncontrollable Vigilante?
The answer lies in the heart!

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  1. The interview was fantastic. A really good job. Question #2 was my favorite.

    1. It's definitely one of my all time favorites!

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