Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review: Heart Break Proof by William Goode and Michelle Roy

Heart Break Proof
by William Goode and Michelle Roy
Contemporary Adult Romance

When Marie finally wrote back to Andrew, he truly learned how words can seduce, corrupt and inflame. The stories Marie and Andrew now make up, trading e-mails, consume them. They begin a passionate affair, and their deepening obsession with each other penetrates their writing. Then the stories take over and change everything. Oh, and the bit with the shoe is freaking wild. Fun, well-told, intelligent and absorbing, Heart-Break-Proof is about words that bind tighter than any rope. (Actually, there are ropes in this book too. But mainly words). So, be careful what you read. For a free preview of Heart-Break-Proof (first 3 chapters), check out


This book just wasn't for me. The relationship between Marie and Andrew is definitely fun and different. Marie and Andrew type out fantasies to each other through the majority of it. It got old real quick. I felt instead of reading a story I was just reading fantasies that were emailed back and forth between two people. This book is hot but I just couldn't get passed the majority of it switching between emails and real life of the characters. However, if you really like books where most of the story takes place inside emails and your looking for a hot read where most of it is actually fictional for the characters too then try this book for yourself! Most of it is pretty hot. 

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