Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review: The Christmas Tattoo by Tamsin Flowers

The Christmas Tattoo
by Tamsin Flowers
A Contemporary Christmas Erotic Romance 

When sexy red-head Bradie Clements comes home from Washington to nurse a broken heart and build bridges with her estranged father, she’s certainly not on the lookout for romance. After catching her boyfriend Kris in bed with her best friend and boss, all she wants to do is run and hide. But a chance encounter with local tattoo artist Colton Bassett leads to an unexpected appointment with his needle. Even though it’s cold outside, the temperature rises to boiling point as the two discover an irresistible attraction. But then Kris arrives on the scene to claim her back in time for his family Christmas and Bradie starts to remember what she saw in him. Tormented by jealousy and suspicion over Colton’s pregnant business partner, Bradie starts to wonder if her new romance is over before it’s begun..

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I love The Christmas Tattoo!!!! Can I say that again? I Love it!  It may be because I also just got a tattoo to remember something important to me after all that has gone on in my life lately so I can relate to Bradie who's returning home for Christmas. Mixing all that in with a romance gone wrong and a new romance into a quick sexy read was great! It's why I picked up the book in the first place after I happened to stumble over this little treasure. I may not have the man trouble Bradie has but a lot of the rest struck close to home and my fingers itched to see what was inside.  

OMG! I so want to talk about Bradie's tat! Someone read it and message me privately because I hate giving people spoilers! I'm going to die if I don't get at least someone else to read it so I can talk to someone about it. My mind keeps spinning in a circle of ouch… awesome… *ell  no… ouch… freaking hot… and back to ouch! You have to read it to the end first! Seriously

It wastes no time showing us the backstory of why she was leaving and who the characters are. There are even a couple of surprises mixed in. I love that its got all of these little details that are woven into story! One of my favorites was how she captures the feeling of coming home after a length of time has passed. Not just the house she lives in but the town as well. A lot of the books I've read lately leave out those much needed minor details that sets the entire mood of coming home and I loved it! 

It is a novella so I don't want to be too descriptive or give away any of the plot but I want to tell everyone this book stole my heart right from the start. This is a quick sweet and sizzling erotic Christmas read that is so far my favorite Contemporary Christmas story this year!  

About the Author
In the words of one reviewer, 'Ms. Flowers has a way of describing sexual tension that forces itself upon your own body. (It's), flowing and very interactive.' As a naughty girl on a journey of self-discovery as an erotic writer, Tamsin Flowers is as keen to entertain her readers as she is to explore every aspect of female (and male) erotica. Hoping to touch you on your most erotic zones, she writes light-hearted stories that are sexy and fun, perfect for reading on your own or with someone in whom you have more than a passing interest...

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