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Genres, Sub Genres, and Warning labels, OH MY! For Authors and Readers. Help yourself. Help your readers.

Why do authors put their books into genres, sub genres, or use warning labels? 
Whats the difference?

If you've ever found yourself wondering these things or have picked up a book you were seriously disappointed in because it wasn't what you expected then stick around.
 We are going to have a little chat.

Let me just find... 
*digs in a toy box packed full of goodies* 

Shuffle. Thump. 

Ah, yes, here it is. 

Swoosh. CRACK.


I hope that didn't hurt too bad. I got a little excited. 

No I won't apologize for it. 
Yes, this may be a little tough for some of you to hear. 
Almost all of you should either know these things or wish to know these things. 
Now, I think we are ready for this conversation. 

 Welcome to the Naughty Bits School for writers and readers! 
I'm only meaning this to be funny, to certain a point at the very least. So if it offends you  pull down your panties, untwist them, re-adjust them, and lets have some fun as we refresh our minds on a few things. 
Putting them back on is optional!

Genres= kind, category, or sort, esp of literary or artistic work
Subgenres= subcategory within a particular genre
Warnings=something that serves to warn, give notice, or caution

Okay those are the terms I know we can all agree on. 

Lets get into where readers are getting upset with authors.
I've seen a lot of writers lately mislabeling their books or putting warnings on books that their stories don't live up to.

 We have genres, sub genres, and warnings for a reason. Some are abusing it or misusing it. I don't know if all of it is unintentional or if you are doing it to attempt to sell more books. 


You're just putting your book into the wrong hands instead of the right ones.
These are all TOOLS that you and readers have to help get that baby of yours into the right hands. 
The top violators are romances and it's sub genre, erotic romances.  

 Most romance novels focus on the growth of the characters and their relationships to each other which can include all things sexual. Sex or sexual activity is not the forefront. 
A well crafted romance leaves you warm and fuzzy. 
Like a sip of something alcoholic, like wine.  

Erotic Romance should include ALL that and then some. They should entice and excite the reader. 
If you're sipping wine this is the part you've had too much. Some want something a littler harder. Others want some kink mixed in. More want strictly the Male/Female story with the body heat cranked into the 100's. You have your Female/Female, Male/Male, menages, interracial, BDSM, and SO much more.  Sure you can toss SOME of it under Adult Romance and even New Adult Romance. 
If you slap a warning on it. 

Straight up erotica/100% smut is all about the sex, normally short, very little romance if any. These are your for now hook-ups that don't include romance. You, can have just for now hook-ups with a little romance in erotic romance. One of my favorite short series can fall into either or. Just don't put your book in erotic romance with NO romance! You get it I'm sure! At least I hope some more get that now then before. 

There are grey area's in all 3. However, I'm getting more and more erotic romance-erotica books that make me want to get out my whip, come stand behind you at your computer, and tell you to grab your ankles baby because you NEED to be punished! 

WHY you ask?

A lot of them recently are nothing more then adult romance! 1 had no sex, a few barely had sex, some had so much flowery figurative language that I seriously had no idea what by part was being touched or by whom! I won't even discuss the ones that are erotic romance with no romance whats-so-ever! 

I read  from: romances all the way to erotica. Just because I read the whole line doesn't mean I want to pick up a book and be lied to. Let's face it, that is what it feels like.

Random Author: So how do we know if our book falls into Adult Romance that we just need to toss a warning on it?

Answer: That's the grey area!!! 
If you are asking you're doing the right thing. 
Do you use solid explicit words? 
Or do you use euphemisms?
Do you use lots of flowery figurative language? 
I call this the FFL syndrome so don't use it too often or inappropriately. 
If you're about to ask me what either of those are please find a dictionary if you're an author. 
I'll get the whip because you deserve a solid spanking if you don't know and you've published a book with some kind of sex in it. 
But here:

explicit=Fully and clearly expressed; leaving nothing implied.
 you get the picture I'm sure
I hope!

euphemisms=a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.
For the love all things naughty never use love tool unless it's a mechanic and it's meant to be funny. 
Or joystick unless it's a gamer or pilot and meant to be funny. 
Pick your euphemisms carefully so they fit your characters and the story! Other wise it's a complete turn off to readers.

If you are using a little more explicit words in your sex scenes  then you are euphemisms then you definitely need at least a warning. Otherwise, you might get it in the hands of those that won't read sex on a page regardless of how light it's kept. Those people tend to hunt you down or leave really stupid mean reviews. Putting your book with a warning or in the right genre helps at least a little of deterring these people. I'm not saying all readers of that category act that way, but a lot do.

Some controversial things just need a warning while others actually have a subgenre. Do some research!

IF your sex scenes are considered explicit, detailed, more then 1 above average length sex scene, or more than a few short explicit scenes then you likely have an erotic romance. 

Do not ask me if your sex scene is above average length. If you're a writer you should be a reader and you should be able to feel that one out for yourself. 

Erotic=relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement. 

Do your sex scenes do this? 
Or is it just sex because the main characters got together and you want to give your characters and readers their "happy ending"? 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sweet romance with no sex. Lots of people love them, including myself. 
If you are not comfortable writing sex that's okay. 
Practice your writing before you publish or stick to sweet romances. 


IF you are daring enough to call it EROTIC your readers EXPECT it to excite and entice them!! 
We want the sex! 
We want the naughty! 
We want the kinky, dirty, ass spanking, everywhere licking, hot, naughty sex! 
Don't tell us these characters are hot,  highly sexual, naughty, and the like just to slap some warning labels on it in hopes to sell more books. 

You won't gain the readers trust and they won't want to buy any other books from you. 

LABEL your book to market it as positively as you can by making sure it get's into the right hands. 

Keep in mind if you are doing a tour I highly recommend in your media kits have your genre listed as well. This is especially important if you have sex in your book. Why ask for bad reviews? Mislabeling your books is like asking for a bad review! 
Help yourself. Help your readers.

Some authors have their own definitions for these genres and subgenres.
If you are an author and wish to share it or your thoughts in general feel free to email me and say you'd like to do a guest post. 
If you're an author or a reader who's got something angry to say about this post... 

Hang on... 

Ah Yes... 




Go ahead! 
Because bloggers and authors alike have to grow a thick skin. 
Have I mentioned I'm an Irish Redhead with anger issues? 
Warning: Unleashing the part of me that has been trained to stay in cage after several unsuccessful anger management courses, unsuccessful DOMS thinking they can train it out of me, tangling with were's of all kinds, highly trained military men, and law enforcement of all branches IS unwise! Do so at your own risk.

Many hugs and smooches my lovely naughty readers and writers!
Thank you for your time. 

Feel free to send anyone this way that needs a little friendly reminder to label their book correctly!

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