Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: TAKE A CHANCE ON LOVE by Christi Williams

by Christi Williams
sensual contemporary romance
published April 15, 2013 by Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid Books
 Take a Chance on Love
No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Everyone gets hurt in a relationship at some point in their lives. But there comes a time when someone comes along that makes it worth taking that chance for love again. When a child is involved taking that chance is even harder to do. This story is so beautifully written and sweet that I didn't realize so much time had past while reading it on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  It flows, capturing the reader in a  sweet romantic tale of two people who fall for each other with problems that most single parents face. Christi has her own graceful voice and I think it's fair to put her up on those bookshelves next to Fern Michaels, Nora Roberts, and even Nicolas Sparks. If you like them then I have no doubt that you'll enjoy Take a Chance on Love!
With honesty and a will to never give up unless she absolutely has to Chancie de Leur shines. At least on the outside. She's not perfect but tries her best in everything. She finally learns what she wants and grows as a person when faced with tough decisions.  A sweet single mom and not spoiled small business owner finally lets go of her past and grabs a hold of her future with both hands. 

Micah wanted a wife and child of his own to share his life with. After being burned by his ex-wife and now a fully grown man he's not ready to be burned again. He can't deny the connection he has with Chancie. However, her son hates him. 
When Chancie de Leur meets highway patrol trooper Micah Taylor one frosty Wyoming night, instant sexual heat kindles between them. Chancie’s a lonely young widow who owns her own business and Micah is divorced, so there shouldn’t be anything holding them back. But Micah wonders if Chancie’s obvious wealth might become an issue, or the fact that she’s apparently the second woman in his life who has zero interest in ever having his baby.
Micah has no idea of the real problem between him and Chancie, until he meets her son. Ten-year-old Jamie de Leur is determined to break up his mom and her lawman, and Micah questions whether any relationship with Chancie is worth dealing with the spoiled kid she’s raising.

In a showdown over Jamie breaking the law, Micah has to decide if he wants to be Chancie’s cop—or her family man.
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