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Tour Stop!! Blindsighted Wanderer

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author ECHibbs.

Blindsighted Wanderer is a young adult fantasy, coming of age story appropriate for readers 12 +. So why is it here? Well, I was intrigued by the plot. I also have 2 kids and it's great reading a book where I get to talk to them about it.

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Book Blurb:
The Wall has long kept Elitland Valley safe from the demons on the other side. For centuries the villagers have avoided speaking of the Wall or the creatures it protects them from.

Upon their return from the annual Country Fayre, the older Atego brothers learn of their father’s passing. When fifteen year old Silas Atego learns the mysterious illness that took his father might have been a curse from a demon, his need for answers draws him to the one place he must not go. The far side of the Wall.

When Silas is still missing days later, his older brother Raphael sets out on his own to bring him home. On his journey, Raphael learns how it was his ancestor who was cursed by a demon creature from the Lake and had the Wall built to keep them out. More desperate than ever to find his brother, his search draws Raphael to the same terrifying barrier.

Along the brothers’ individual travels they face their greatest fears, make lifelong friends, and more importantly, learn the truth of what happened centuries ago.

Blindsighted Wanderer is a tale about how truth and forgiveness will set you free. Where myths are transformed to legends that last a lifetime. The brothers leave their home as desperate boys but return to their family as honorable men.

My Thoughts:

I really liked this book. I don't why but after the start of the book I had set it down to help one of the kids with something and when I picked it up it was a little hard to get my head back into it.  But shortly after, I found myself TOTALLY LOST in the world E.C. created for us and it was time to wake the kids for breakfast.


So I'm warning you now that it could happen. 


The Blurb is really awesome about telling what to expect. And if you stopped by the other stops I hope to give you a little different perspective on the book, a kids

But I want to say this book was great and I do recommend it for kids and adults a like that enjoy fantasy. There is a touch of romance with Silas and Pearl Spring, Raphael and Merrin, and Merrin and Penro. A touch. It's mostly about the brothers finding out the truth of why the men get sick and die early and Merrin learning to let go. Everyone else, however, had their own parts to play in helping them in some way. How it unfolds is beautiful.


 For those with kids in your life... 


It's really hard to find books my kids like to read! Both read  above their age level. So it might be a little hard for some 10 year olds. You have to know their reading ability when buying them a book if you really want them to read it. But my 10 year old devoured it.  So if you have kids you might want to pay attention. :)


My 10yr old son LOVED IT and he goes eww at anything slightly romantic but he likes fantasy. Never once did I hear him eww. Instead I heard:

"Silas this... Silas that... Raph is a lot like me mom. They must have been really brave to go out into the world like that. Wow, even the kids work really hard, Mom! Mom I can't believe this part did you read it!!! Pearl Spring talks funny, but I kinda like it. Hey, Mom we used to live kinda like Pearl Spring when we were younger!!! (We moved for my husbands work a good bit.) Merrin needs to learn to control her temper and think first. Mom... Mom... Mom... if Merrin is so old why does she kinda like Raph?"  


From my SON!! Who likes video games and is a 4th degree purple belt in Karate. I told him to grab his DS because we had a cleaning at his dentist and he asked if he could borrow my kindle and read the book instead! Ya, my jaw dropped!! And then he proceeded to tell his dentist and dental assistant all about it too. We had to go back the next day for his braces and off he went talking to them about it. He had to tell his friends and his Karate teachers. So I can tell he really enjoyed the book.  And okay so his last question made me laugh so hard! I simply told him it's because she reminds him of the love she had for his ancestor. And he was happy with that.



My favorite character is Pearl Spring/Irima and lucky for us she was able to stop by and chat for a little bit with all of us. 


  To get us started should the rest of us call you Pearl Spring or Irima?

*The girl hesitates, looking slightly taken aback, and quickly smoothes down the front of her layered skirt.*
“I should be called Pearl Spring, to everyone except my Uncle Shadow Mask. Since I’m his niece, I get’s a title of my own as well. That’s my right, bein’ related to the troupe leader and all.”
*She glances up, a coy smirk on her lips.*
“But... I ain’t as strict on it as him, so I suppose it don’t matter much if I allow Irima. That be my true name, after all!”
 Pearl Spring and Irima are both beautiful names. And I love the pearls in your hair!
Can you tell us some of the sights or things you and your people have experienced?
*Irima chuckles and twirls a jet black ringlet around her finger, eyes glazing as though staring at things only she can see.*
“Oh, I could never tell all of it in less than a day! But we’s been back to the ocean a couple o’ times. I was born at the coast, y’see, in the springtime of the year. That’s where me title comes from: Pearl Spring; and why I wear these.”
*She reaches up and taps the string of pearls and seashells finely woven into her rich locks.*
“And then there’s the Land of Pen Draig... that’s very far away, mind. We’s been to so many places o’er Europa, travellin’ to all manner of gatherings. I write them all down in my journal, so I can look back and remember ‘em. We move everywhere, never stayin’ for longer than a few weeks at a time. The Elitland Fayre began as just another stop for us.”
*The smile returns to her face, but deeper, and somewhat nostalgic.*
“Tis strange, really, to remember all that so simply. To think what that lad, with his little brown donkey, would bring.”
Sounds like you've had many adventures. Speaking of that lad...
What caused you to notice Silas when you first saw him?
*Irima blinks a couple of times and her smile widens.*
I were busy, goin’ about my business at the Fayre, when I felt eyes upon me. So I glanced up, and there were this short, red-haired boy a-starin’ straight at me. I thought nothin’ o’ him at first. He seemed a bit flustered when I winked at him, even though I didn’t mean nothing by it. But it were his gaze... so powerful! I don’t even think he were meanin’ to look so icy; that was simply the way he was.”
*Through her smile, a frown knots between Irima’s brows. She weaves her fingers together in her lap, wiggling them agitatedly.*
“That was Silas,”
*She gives a small nod; then swallows.*
“I didn’t recognise him at first, when we happened upon him again. He was not the same.”
*She sighs, sucking her lips into her mouth.*
No he wasn't the same. But you helped him the best you could and he's the better for it.
How did it make you feel when you first saw Silas’s eyes when you saw him again?
*The final shreds of Irima’s smile immediately die down. A sudden shudder wracks her thin body. She uncurls her fingers, and glances over her left palm, a shadow passing across her face.*
“Truly... I was terrified. It were like seein’ a different man, with each dawn and dusk that came to pass. I could see the haunting inside his mind... At first, I thought he were some kind o’ demon! Me uncle even had him bound in case he tried to harm us with some dark magic! But I’s taken care of many a sickly man in my life, n’ he was like all of them in many ways: unsure and frightened. I supposed it were just as well. The Elitland folk ain’t used to anything new, let alone people like us, travellin’ all the time.”
*She pauses for a moment. Her slate-grey eyes grow heavy. *
“But I could see that even though Silas sure needed help, he weren’t used to being given it. The way he held himself and that harsh tone he spoke in... he was as stubborn as a mule.”
*Her fingers curl into a fleeting fist; then grasp at the golden crucifix around her neck.*
“My poor Silas... but he were so misunderstood. Even he did not know himself.”
*She sighs again, closing her eyes, and straightens her back expectantly.*
“Might we stop a’speakin’of Silas now? That darkness mustn’t be what defines him, y’see. He’s known far too much o’ it.”
I don't think darkness could ever define him. Silas is a good minded lad with a kind heart.
 I know you've got to get back to your duties so I won't keep you long. But could you tell us anything that has happened since you left the Elitland?
*The seriousness instantly lifts from Irima’s face and she clasps her hands together like a gleeful child. The excited shine returns to her eyes.*
“Oh, many a miracle! It were a long trek, makin’ our way over them mountains that encase the valley. But then to see that blessed flat land was simply beautiful! My cousin Ida gave birth to her second child, and both o’ them be a-doin’ very well. It were autumn when we broke free o’ the mountains, so we attended an All Hallows’ Fayre in our home country: Colbion. There were music and singin’ and dancin’... and dare I say my companions became very content.”
*She smiles in a mixture of pride and strange wisdom beyond her young years. Her shoulders rise in a small shrug.*
“Who knows where the road might be a’ leadin’ us next? That be what it means to be a Peregrin: one o’ the Wanderers. It’s all part o’ the adventure, when the entire world becomes yer home.”

Thats got to be a beautiful and amazing way to live life.
 I thanked her and sent her on her way already. It was a pleasure to have her stop by. But they all they have things that need doing. And we do too. Like entering the giveaway below!! 

And Thank you E.C. Hibbs for creating a beautiful world with wonderful people!

Author Bio:
E. C. Hibbs has lived all her life in Cheshire, north-west England. A lover of stories from an early age, she wrote her first 'book' when she was five, and throughout school was a frequent visitor to the younger classes to read her tales to the children.
Living so near the coast, she loves anything to do with the sea. She studied Animal Behaviour at university and longs to work with marine mammals in the future. As well as nature and animals, she also has a soft spot for history, and loves paying visits to castles, cathedrals and museums.
There are many things she could be without, but writing isn't one of them. She carries a pen everywhere, in case an idea appears, and takes pride in still seeing the world as brimming with magic. Besides writing, she reads obsessively, her favourite genres being the classics and all kinds of fantasy. She also enjoys Disney and horror films, practising Shotokan karate, drawing, archery, and playing with her very cheeky kitten.

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