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Review:Hard to Resist Tour Our Stop!

 I was looking for some upcoming NA books to start my NA pg on the blog and I happened to see this trailer before I saw the cover or read the synopsis. I Loved it and had to find out more about it. Then I saw the tour requests a few days later and knew I wanted to be a part of it.  And it was all because of the trailer. It's amazing how we find books sometimes! SO I hope the trailer inspires you to check out more about this awesome book like it did me. 

Sounds pretty good right?!

Let's check it out a little more. 


Shanora Williams


New Adult Contemporary Romance

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 Stars: 5 Flames:4-5 Hot


Natalie Carmichael thought that Bryson Daniels would be her world. She planned a bright future with him, cherished four years with him, and couldn't have been any happier, but during graduation night, all of that changes.

Natalie walks in on Bryson cheating on her. One month after catching him in the act, she finally decides to make an escape by leaving for Florida.

She wants to start over, have fun, and be free while also finding a way to mend her broken heart but when she meets Nolan Young, her single-life escapade doesn't last for very long. She tries to stay clear of Nolan and his desires but it's impossible for her. Nolan will do everything that he can to have her as his own, but will Natalie accept Nolan along with the problems of his past? Will she let someone else into her heart that may be even worse than Bryson?

For Natalie, Nolan will be something completely new to her. And for them both, their desires will be completely hard to resist.

 I was talking about this book to someone I know reads and see nearly daily. And right away she didn't like the book for one reason. It does have some underage drinking. But I actually like that because it brings an honest feel to the book right away. She has after all graduated from high-school. Doesn't make it right but it's realistic. So just be warned. 

Nat tried to nurse her broken heart at home for a month before leaving her home town to move in with a friend down in Florida. When she got there her friend Harper made her get dressed and go to a club to drink and dance. I was a lot like Harper at that age except I didn't let them have it. Haha! So I instantly liked both young ladies.  We are all flawed and these characters are perfectly imperfect for an NA read. They are realistic, grow, and I loved them. 

I didn't like Nolan at the start. Okay, so he's hot and I was very intrigued. All the guys I met at that age only pulled that stunt for a reason. Which made me think he was playing some sort of game with Nat. But in the middle I realized I really liked him. 

The Naughty =)
The sex scenes were really hot and there are plenty of them to enjoy. You may need a cold shower to cool down after reading the book. All of them add a little something to the story.  

My only issue was at one point I thought she was wearing either a skirt or shorts because he laid his hand on her bare thigh.

 I was like

   and next thing he was unbuttoning her pants.

I had a momentary giggle
 flipped back to re-read it
and giggled some more. 


 I was STILL up all night reading it to the end. 

 I LOVED IT!!!! 
Beginning to end even with my giggle moment.

Until Monday morning. All morning I was like this.

Shanora was born and raised in Matthews, North Carolina. She's a young, happy writer that loves the power of words. She's the author of The Story of Jackson Haddock, the New Adult OBTAINED series, and the New Adult novel, Hard to Resist.

When she's not writing, she's reading or watching cartoons like a big kid. You'll always catch her laughing during the most random times. She still resides in Matthews, North Carolina and I has a wonderful family that you will hear her brag and talk about constantly. Whenever she wants to get away from words, she'll spend some time with her loved ones, eat gummy bears, or go get a drink from Starbucks-- depending on the weather. Her favorite hot drink during winter is a White Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream and her favorite cold drink is a Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino.

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