Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Congrats to my winners! And Whats next.

To my two winners V and Rose! Happy shopping! 
I personally hope you get yourself books that are


I apologize for the blog being taken down for most of this hop. The reasons for it were surprising and out of my control. I've seen to it that it can't happen again. Thank you to all who stopped by on the last  2 days! 
What's next? 

More reviews of course. 
When the FB page gets up to 50 likes I'll do a little giveaway. And again at 100. So spread the word. =) Respectfully please. 

We also have the Heartbreaker Hop that I've planned something special for Feb 8th-11th with my favorite heartbreaker.
   And the Blindsighted Wanderer Feb 10th-27th. Our stop is on the 22nd for a review and character interview. It is a YA book that sounds really good to me. I'm about to start reading it sometime this week. 

I'm also on the lookout for the following:
a sexy St.Patrick's day read for the March hop (March 15th- 18th)
a sexy tortured hero read for the Tortured Hero hop (April 25th-28th)
a fantasy romance for the Fantasy Romance hop (June 27th-30th)
Adult and Erotic authors to donate things for a Naughty Summer Giveaway this summer when the temperatures outside climb so adult authors if you'd like to donate something for it.
 contact me @ Naughtybitsbookreviews@yahoo.com .

If you have books coming out around those dates or already have books out that you think fit lets talk.


  1. One of the two winners you listed was Rose. Is that Strawberryrose as in me? That would be cool if it is. If it isn't I will be happy for that rose too.


  2. No Judy, Rose Morgan. But we'll have other giveaways soon. =)

  3. so cool!! thanks bunches! im so happy!!


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