Sunday, May 22, 2016


Hello, my naughty lovelies!

Just wanted to share a quick update. As of June 1st I’ll be back to posting on the blog again.

For those that have only recently found me in 2014 I woke up one morning and fell straight onto the floor. Before that I was using a cane to get around and sometimes for things that required lots of walking a wheelchair. I’ve dealt with a spinal injury for almost 12 years, but out of the blue it took me down entirely. To wake up one day and physically be unable to walk was terrifying. I went through specialists, tests, surgery, home nurses & physical therapists, re-learned to walk & drive, and finally moved on to out of the house PT 3-4 times a week for 2 hours a day.

Very soon after surgery my husband was forced to deploy leaving me to take care of our two kids on my own while going through recovery. He bought a freezer and with the help of some of his co-workers/friends and my husband’s mother and father they stocked the house with freezer meals and the cabinets with food.  Hubs bought a huge plastic container and filled it with 3 or 4 50lbs bags of dog food and one of the guys when it started running low came to the house and refilled it.

My wonderful mother in law was waiting for me to need the freezer full of prepared meals to run out and by the time it did I was able to prepare easy meals on my own. She would still stop by and handle any chopping/slicing/dicing for me for a little awhile. My amazing neighbors on their own helped with the yard and were there if I needed simple things around the house. It kept my in-laws from having to drive 30mins for changing a light bulb or something minor. I had to learn to use my own body after surgery and the hardest part I had to learn to accept help.

It’s been a long hard road and while he was deployed we found we were to move in less than two weeks of him returning. I was stuck moving away from my team of doctors, all three of my physical therapists, family, friends. I couldn’t help with any of it and I have always been a do it myself woman.

I needed time after the move this year to adjust to all the changes. The most challenging stressful thing was to find a new doctor that I was comfortable with and could monitor my “new health.” I know some of you know all this since I’ve been updating on Facebook or we’ve been talking in emails or messages. I’ve been moved by the support I’ve gotten through everything so I know some of you are very excited to know I had my first appointment with my new doctor this past Friday and I’m doing great! We’ve got some more “He said, She said” planned, I’ve got some reviews to type up, as well as others lined up. As of June 1st I’m officially back!

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