Wednesday, December 5, 2012


  Welcome to the Naughty Bits' Book Blog.  I have been found on accident by a surprisingly amount of people that have sent me emails being curious. Wow. Thank YOU. Please be patient with me as I finish getting things set up so everything is working properly. On the side are links to 2 challenges that I intend to sign up for and post about as soon as I finish setting things up. =)  I was working on getting the Networked Blog thing set up but it says not to if it's adult content. Hmm, I know several blogs with it that are adult.  I think I will wait and talk with some of them about that before I activate it. But for now please feel free to follow us how you wish as you stop by so you don't miss it when I have it ready. I plan on sharing some things real soon. 

And I just finished setting up a Facebook page. 

Mrs.Naughty B

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