About us and our rating.

  I am just your regular mom and I read A LOT! As the blog suggests I love the naughty bits! I love most books with a good plot that have a little romance in them all the way to ones that have lots of naughty bits. But that doesn't mean from time to time we won't have other books. I read from nearly all the genres.

  I'm not a huge fan of strictly M/M sex.  This just means I might not review it unless it's got one heck of a story that really pulls me in.  I'm happy to share it, its just not what I'm into. Reviewing them is not the best fit. Now if its a book or book series where other relationships/couples exist and there is more than just a M/M sex but M/M sex is included in the book its fine. If your character is a Transgendered its fine, I'm very opened minded.... and if your here, you know about all the sub genre's that will follow so I won't go into listing them.

  I will not give below a 2 star/flame rating. I feel that if a book receives a 2 anything it's just not for me but might be another persons long sip of tea/hot chocolate/coffee. You get the point I'm sure. And I will be sure to say that in all reviews.I don't believe in author bashing or blogger bashing but I do believe in being honest and I will try to be nice when I find something not for me. Try to be nice back. =)  Sometimes a review on my blog is rated lower than what I post them on the seller sites. I've signed up in the past for things where authors, PA's, or tour groups have said a book is (insert what ever you like here) and its not. The blog is my personal space and if it happens I DO mention it here and will mention on the post itself why, BUT I don't let it affect my reviews to other sites. I try to be fair, respectful, and even though I LOVE the naughty bits I'm a human being. Everywhere else I try to let my reviews reflect only how I liked the story itself, but this is my personal space. If its a sweet romance thats cool, I read those too. Same goes for sci-fi, epic fantasy, and many others. Just don't tell me its something and it in no way even comes close to fitting into the genre you tell me it is. Its happened. Not everything I read is romance from sweet to erotic. I do enjoy the darker stories.

Stars and Flames

Stars are for how good a book is. The plot, the characters, the regular review.

5 Stars-This book is awesome! I have to own it. Re-read it. I Love it!
4 Stars-This book is great you must read it!
3 Stars-This book is good. Worth the read.
2 Stars-This book just wasn't for me.

Flames are for how many sex scenes a book has.
4-5 Flames--Hot--Lots of explicit sex scenes and graphic language
3-4 Flames-Spicy-Some sensual, a few explicit sex scenes, and graphic language
2 Flames---Sweet-Has sensual scenes but no sex or sex is kept off the pages 

0 flames? Well then why are we discussing it. It must be one great book that was brought to my attention!    

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