Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: He said She said: Cinder Ella by Sophie Starr

Welcome to our first He said / She said book review! 
Every now and again I'll go on about a book and it will actually catch my husband's interest. 
Now it doesn't happen too often, but it does happen. 
This particular book he decided to give me his opinion on the book and I get to share it with all of you! 

Cinder Ella (Adult Fairy Tales)
by Sophie Starr
Dark Erotic Romance

Once upon a time, in a land far far away there was a tale about a girl named Cinderella. 
She sang and danced and fell in loved after only one kiss. 
This isn't exactly her story . . . 
This is the story of Ella. 
There wasn't much to sing about in her life and she didn't have the energy to dance. 
She was an orphan being sold into a marriage of convenience by her wicked stepmother. 
But Ella was given a wish. 
She used it to wish to be free to marry the man she loved. 
Of course she loved the prince she met at the ball that she snuck into. 
But like I said, this isn't exactly the story you remember. 
This is a version of the story you will not have heard of before. 

Sophie Starr is the naughty side of Tara Brown

A guys perspective on Cinder Ella. 

For the length of this read, I have to say I was pleasantly happy. The story had enough surrounding scenes outside of the straight rough sex
 scenes to keep me interested in what was taking place during the story. During the sex scenes, the only part that I had trouble with was the repetitious use of the word "cunny". I get that it's a period piece but there has to be some variation to describe the lady's intimate parts. The oral sex scenes performed by Ella was well written and has a good perspective on the male view of dominance and power associated with the act. Overall it was a well written read and I will definitely read a couple times more. I would give it a 4.25/5 for the "heat" factor and a 3.75 for the sexiness/plot. The only real drawback, (I can accept the use of the word "cunny") was the repetitious nature of describing Ella's internal battle for good/evil. I get it. She likes rough sex and being dominated. How many times does she have to run away to accept her inner naughtiness? 

Ever read a book where parts of it disgusted you, but you can't put it down or skip ahead because you enjoy being disgusted? Thats the part I LOVE about Dark Romances. It's naughty, but it captures your senses and you just can't help yourself. It takes a special type of author to write them. Regardless, if it's horror or in any other genre sometimes "keeping it real" means diving into those dark moments that make us learn a little bit about who we are. That's what you get with Sophie Starr. She doesn't pull back and keeps it real, mesmerizing us with her stories. She does this regardless if she is writing as Sophie Starr or as Tara Brown. 

Ella is a strong young lady and knows life isn't fair or what you expect. She's spontaneous, always trying to make the best of the bad and holding on to what she thinks is right. Even when she thinks she has it all figured out, she doesn't.

This book will not be for everyone. If you can't handle the dark do everyone a favor and stay in the light. Some scenes (not many) are disgusting on purpose so you fully get an understanding what Ella's life is like.

However, I love the growth in Ella as she finds who she really is and what she wants. More importantly what she needs. Even the dark moments are captivating and some leave you holding your breath in anticipation of what may come next. 

I love the surprises and twists she adds in there, mixed in with all the spicy scenes. This isn't your normal tale of Cinder Ella.  

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