Reviews/Giveaway Requests.

Sure. However I have some things I have to know and things you should know.


  I read nearly everything that's got a good story line with some romance/naughtiness to them. Even YA. But if it is YA book know that this is not a blog for the under 18 crowd. I am not a huge fan of just Strictly M/M erotica. F/F, menage, dark romance and just about anything else.  I'm very open minded. I have a few friends who are gay and I support them fully so no haters. A strictly M/M book just simply isn't for me. I don't mind books or series that do have M/M in them as long as that is not the only couple. 

I am open to spotlights and interviews without a review if it is just a solid M/M erotica book.

1. I will need to know if it's an ARC and of course the general information about your book. LINKS to your author page and book if its already released. Don't expect me to chase down all the information. There are times I will, but we are all busy and sharing what we love. Lets help each other out.

2. An idea of the release date, and if you want me to post it close to a certain time.

3. If you still want me to review a book and I can't do it around it's release or it's already been released just say so and I'll see if it is possible to do it with in a set period of  at most a  month or two from the time I'm asked. If I can't because I've got too many requests b4 yours I will tell you.

4. I accept Kindle(mobi), and PDF  for review requests. I have even done a few in  Microsoft Word.
I had ganglion cysts in both wrists. One of them had to be surgically removed and when it was they found a bone cyst underneath it that was preventing me from having much of any range of motion. They had to drill most of the bone out of that spot. Even though its healed many years ago since the surgery paperbacks my wrist sore, but I have full range of motion. I have several signed paperbacks decorating my book shelves that friends and family like to browse, but I do not read that way unless it's a THIN book.

5. Always feel free to contact me. We are on Facebook  Naughty Bits Book Reviews or email me at I do have a Twitter @BrendaA10.

6. I'm shocked at how often it happens, PLEASE, don't just randomly gift me a Kindle book or email me your books without some interaction of us discussing it first and then get in touch with me weeks later asking me when I'll get a review up. I love reading, reviewing, supporting, sharing my love and appreciation of authors. However, I do get A LOT of requests for reviews. I DO keep two types of review lists. One includes books I naturally see and or sign up for. The other is of strictly author requested reviews. I keep 1 calendar where I color coordinate as to which review list a review post is scheduled from and do my best to pull from them both evenly. I also do my best to do them in the order I get them. I am  honest on when I can get to them, and if for some reason I fall even a day behind of when I say a post will up I will email you to let you know. I do not allow either review list to grow so big that it fills my calendar months out. This is not a paid gig, I have a family, I do read A LOT, but I don't read for 20 hours a day. I have had it happen where a book will just show up on my Kindle or email and then I'll hear from an author that I have never even spoken to rudely demanding their review. Please, only send me a copy of your book if I've met you in person and we've talked about it, if we've talked on Facebook, on the blog, in emails, or my husband has spoken to you in some way, etc. I DO BUY books. I love supporting authors I love to read so it's also nice to check with me to see if I've already pre-ordered the book before you send it to me. I'm not in this for free books my dear wonderful authors. I do it because I love books, I love characters, I love stories, and most importantly I love authors and appreciate the love and work you do. So PLEASE check with me before sending me a review copy.


The author is responsible for any prizes they wish to have given away

If there are prizes donated to be given away for such promotions I'll gladly accept those and give them as prizes.

 Know of an erotic or adult Hop  upcoming I should sign up for? Please let me know. If you would like us to join your book tour just ask. =)

Other questions just ask.

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