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Naughty Girl by Scarlett Metal

#1 Naughty Girl Series

Alexandra loved the hot sex she experienced as a submissive in the bedroom, but would never give her heart to any man.

After getting hurt by his sub and wife, Paul swore he would never make that kind of commitment to a woman again.

They meet at the club that Alex frequents and quickly become play partners. The sex is amazing, but despite their reservations, they begin to fall for each other. Will they be willing to admit their feelings for each other?

Contains some BDSM (light) and sexual situations. Intended for audiences 18+.

#2 Naughty Girl Series

Alexandra opened her heart and let herself be vulnerable to Paul. The walls around Paul's heart were torn down by the feisty Alex. Both of them are happier than they've been in a long time.

Paul's ex-wife comes to town and turns their life upside down and shakes Paul to the core. Will Alex be collateral damage of his past?

Can Paul show Alex that she's the only one for him before it's too late? Or will someone else from their past destroy them beyond repair?
Due to language and sexual situations, this book is intended for ages 18+

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Genres, Sub Genres, and Warning labels, OH MY! For Authors and Readers. Help yourself. Help your readers.

Why do authors put their books into genres, sub genres, or use warning labels? 
Whats the difference?

If you've ever found yourself wondering these things or have picked up a book you were seriously disappointed in because it wasn't what you expected then stick around.
 We are going to have a little chat.

Let me just find... 
*digs in a toy box packed full of goodies* 

Shuffle. Thump. 

Ah, yes, here it is. 

Swoosh. CRACK.


I hope that didn't hurt too bad. I got a little excited. 

No I won't apologize for it. 
Yes, this may be a little tough for some of you to hear. 
Almost all of you should either know these things or wish to know these things. 
Now, I think we are ready for this conversation. 

 Welcome to the Naughty Bits School for writers and readers! 
I'm only meaning this to be funny, to certain a point at the very least. So if it offends you  pull down your panties, untwist them, re-adjust them, and lets have some fun as we refresh our minds on a few things. 
Putting them back on is optional!

Genres= kind, category, or sort, esp of literary or artistic work
Subgenres= subcategory within a particular genre
Warnings=something that serves to warn, give notice, or caution

Okay those are the terms I know we can all agree on. 

Lets get into where readers are getting upset with authors.
I've seen a lot of writers lately mislabeling their books or putting warnings on books that their stories don't live up to.

 We have genres, sub genres, and warnings for a reason. Some are abusing it or misusing it. I don't know if all of it is unintentional or if you are doing it to attempt to sell more books. 


You're just putting your book into the wrong hands instead of the right ones.
These are all TOOLS that you and readers have to help get that baby of yours into the right hands. 
The top violators are romances and it's sub genre, erotic romances.  

 Most romance novels focus on the growth of the characters and their relationships to each other which can include all things sexual. Sex or sexual activity is not the forefront. 
A well crafted romance leaves you warm and fuzzy. 
Like a sip of something alcoholic, like wine.  

Erotic Romance should include ALL that and then some. They should entice and excite the reader. 
If you're sipping wine this is the part you've had too much. Some want something a littler harder. Others want some kink mixed in. More want strictly the Male/Female story with the body heat cranked into the 100's. You have your Female/Female, Male/Male, menages, interracial, BDSM, and SO much more.  Sure you can toss SOME of it under Adult Romance and even New Adult Romance. 
If you slap a warning on it. 

Straight up erotica/100% smut is all about the sex, normally short, very little romance if any. These are your for now hook-ups that don't include romance. You, can have just for now hook-ups with a little romance in erotic romance. One of my favorite short series can fall into either or. Just don't put your book in erotic romance with NO romance! You get it I'm sure! At least I hope some more get that now then before. 

There are grey area's in all 3. However, I'm getting more and more erotic romance-erotica books that make me want to get out my whip, come stand behind you at your computer, and tell you to grab your ankles baby because you NEED to be punished! 

WHY you ask?

A lot of them recently are nothing more then adult romance! 1 had no sex, a few barely had sex, some had so much flowery figurative language that I seriously had no idea what by part was being touched or by whom! I won't even discuss the ones that are erotic romance with no romance whats-so-ever! 

I read  from: romances all the way to erotica. Just because I read the whole line doesn't mean I want to pick up a book and be lied to. Let's face it, that is what it feels like.

Random Author: So how do we know if our book falls into Adult Romance that we just need to toss a warning on it?

Answer: That's the grey area!!! 
If you are asking you're doing the right thing. 
Do you use solid explicit words? 
Or do you use euphemisms?
Do you use lots of flowery figurative language? 
I call this the FFL syndrome so don't use it too often or inappropriately. 
If you're about to ask me what either of those are please find a dictionary if you're an author. 
I'll get the whip because you deserve a solid spanking if you don't know and you've published a book with some kind of sex in it. 
But here:

explicit=Fully and clearly expressed; leaving nothing implied.
 you get the picture I'm sure
I hope!

euphemisms=a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.
For the love all things naughty never use love tool unless it's a mechanic and it's meant to be funny. 
Or joystick unless it's a gamer or pilot and meant to be funny. 
Pick your euphemisms carefully so they fit your characters and the story! Other wise it's a complete turn off to readers.

If you are using a little more explicit words in your sex scenes  then you are euphemisms then you definitely need at least a warning. Otherwise, you might get it in the hands of those that won't read sex on a page regardless of how light it's kept. Those people tend to hunt you down or leave really stupid mean reviews. Putting your book with a warning or in the right genre helps at least a little of deterring these people. I'm not saying all readers of that category act that way, but a lot do.

Some controversial things just need a warning while others actually have a subgenre. Do some research!

IF your sex scenes are considered explicit, detailed, more then 1 above average length sex scene, or more than a few short explicit scenes then you likely have an erotic romance. 

Do not ask me if your sex scene is above average length. If you're a writer you should be a reader and you should be able to feel that one out for yourself. 

Erotic=relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement. 

Do your sex scenes do this? 
Or is it just sex because the main characters got together and you want to give your characters and readers their "happy ending"? 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sweet romance with no sex. Lots of people love them, including myself. 
If you are not comfortable writing sex that's okay. 
Practice your writing before you publish or stick to sweet romances. 


IF you are daring enough to call it EROTIC your readers EXPECT it to excite and entice them!! 
We want the sex! 
We want the naughty! 
We want the kinky, dirty, ass spanking, everywhere licking, hot, naughty sex! 
Don't tell us these characters are hot,  highly sexual, naughty, and the like just to slap some warning labels on it in hopes to sell more books. 

You won't gain the readers trust and they won't want to buy any other books from you. 

LABEL your book to market it as positively as you can by making sure it get's into the right hands. 

Keep in mind if you are doing a tour I highly recommend in your media kits have your genre listed as well. This is especially important if you have sex in your book. Why ask for bad reviews? Mislabeling your books is like asking for a bad review! 
Help yourself. Help your readers.

Some authors have their own definitions for these genres and subgenres.
If you are an author and wish to share it or your thoughts in general feel free to email me and say you'd like to do a guest post. 
If you're an author or a reader who's got something angry to say about this post... 

Hang on... 

Ah Yes... 




Go ahead! 
Because bloggers and authors alike have to grow a thick skin. 
Have I mentioned I'm an Irish Redhead with anger issues? 
Warning: Unleashing the part of me that has been trained to stay in cage after several unsuccessful anger management courses, unsuccessful DOMS thinking they can train it out of me, tangling with were's of all kinds, highly trained military men, and law enforcement of all branches IS unwise! Do so at your own risk.

Many hugs and smooches my lovely naughty readers and writers!
Thank you for your time. 

Feel free to send anyone this way that needs a little friendly reminder to label their book correctly!

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Tour: Review: Walking Weird Smut Saga Vol. 5 Author: Gori Suture

Title: Walking Weird Smut Saga Vol. 5

Author: Gori Suture     

Genre: Erotic Horror

Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Walking Weird is extremely different from all the other books I've read. I  have never known there were authors out there with the guts to meld them together.  How have I not heard of this? When I herd horror and erotica mixed together I couldn't resist. I have to go on the hunt for more!

While some of the erotic scenes made me wince just a little I did like the story itself and the fight scenes are pretty cool.  It was a little hard getting into it since I've only started with this book but from the moment a dragon made it's appearance I was hooked. Don't worry that's not spoiler. You get lots of violence and gore  all very well detailed and well written that fits great with the story.  I really liked some of the characters and was surprised that I looked forward to get back to certain ones. I didn't feel like I was missing something starting a saga at the 5th book. I think I would have gotten more out of this book starting at the beginning, but that was only an after thought when this book made me take a look at the other books.

Overall, I give this book 3 stars and if I started at the first saga it might have been more.  I did leave off if I found it sweet, spicy, hot because I was somewhere between spicy and hot on this one. I think that has more to do with it being my first erotic horror. I sure don't intend on it being my last.  This book is delightfully dark, weird, insane, funny, full of violence, and gore with sex mixed in. 


The Design of Moirai only glimpsed in the previous Smut Sagas is laid bare in Walking Weird, and this skein is a sticky one, ensnaring all of your favorite characters in Hecate’s web. After years of imprisonment, Astothan’s chance for escape finally comes.  His cherished beloved from Geist Kinder is all he can think about, but time may not yield even for gods, and his struggle with forgiveness and love anew has only begun.  Poor Jasper’s troubles were only just beginning in The Witch of Hainted Holler, and now he must pick up the pieces of that fateful day and carry the weight of the world on his scrawny shoulders, with the Grim Reaper his only friend.  In Shatter Kinder, being a father was Phoenix's fondest wish; yet paternity of monsters is fraught with danger and omens. Eldridge and the rest of Omega begin to master the powers revealed to them in Asphyxia, yet old enemies hatch fresh schemes.  The mad adamantine shuttle flies and as the weave grows ever taught, the sole path navigable is Walking Weird! 

The confluence of Gori’s first four books is a torrid one, and the reader is sure to get wet, so kick back and enjoy, while you still can …

Author Bio

Hailing from the outskirts of Mayberry, North Carolina, Gori Suture has been writing fiction since she could hold a crayon.  Her work is often allegorical, chronicling man’s pursuit of understanding God and the God within.  Simultaneously debase and philosophical, she juxtaposes eroticism and horror with metaphysical introspection.  She is currently working on the last of the Smut Sagas, the Sorrow and Rue Eroto-Obscurities, and a comic book series is also in the works.

Author Links 

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Cover Reveal: Teach Me Love by S. Moose

 Teach Me Love

by S. Moose

Jacob Greene, sexy multimillionaire CEO of Greene Publishing is a broken man desperate to find reason in his life. Losing Katherine, the love of his life, makes a once gentle and kindhearted man into someone dark and miserable.

Abigail Anderson, single mother, second grade teacher, is tired of living her life alone. But the only man she's ever loved betrayed her and left her in the dark.

Now, three years later, their paths cross. A rocky beginning soon turns into something more. Real. The feeling is mutual and their feelings grow. But secrets always have a way of coming out.

Will Jacob and Abigail be able to learn how to to love again or will they suffer alone for the rest of their lives?

My name is Saoching Moose, writing as S.Moose. My debut novel, Reaching Out For You, published on June 8, 2013. This novel is the first of the Never Letting Go Series. I am a self-published author and I love every moment. I have met some amazing people and am very excited about what's to come.

 I live in Webster, NY with my husband. I enjoy being with my family and friends. I graduated from St. John Fisher College with my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2011. 

I love writing and it's always been a dream of mine to publish my work. I'm an avid reader and love reading books with a happy ending-I'm a sucker for romance. I want to inspire others with my words the way I have been inspired through countless works of literature. I think that everyone has a purpose in life, it just takes time to find it.
Twitter: @S_Moose060912
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Tour: Guest Post: Death Knows My Name by Casse NaRome

Book Info-
Title-Death Knows My Name
By-Casse NaRome
Expected Publication Date-
Published By-
Genre-Adult Paranormal Romance 



MAYNE ST LECLAIR has spent her adult life closed off emotionally from the world around her. She learned very early on that those who get close to her end up dead. She knows she is cursed, but what she doesn't know is why.

ECTAIN “ERIC” EDECK knows the pain he has caused Mayne but the connection is undeniable. Can Mayne get passed the hurt and fall in love or has her heart been broken too many times?

Is death playing some sort of cruel joke on Mayne St LeClair or is watching her suffer breaking Death’s heart?

Author Bio-
Casse Narome is the alter-ego of a self-proclaimed awesome weirdo who spent her childhood reading and daydreaming. As an adult that is also how she spends her time only now she writes her daydreams down for everyone to read. Casse is never serious, has been accused of wishing her life was a sitcom, laugh track and all, has a bad habit of talking out loud to herself and she is fine with being a little insane. She spends way too much time online, too much money buying books and laughing at her own jokes. You will find her on Twitter being very random and spewing her opinions. When you see her online, tell her to get back to her writing! Or just engage her in a hilarious random conversation. She blogs book reviews and the adventures of being a writer at & She is an avid tweeter She is also on Facebook 

Amazon Author Page
 Blog-  & Blog

First Time Buyers – What You Should Know: Tell Us about yourself and your series or books.

Hi. *big Wave* I’m Casse NaRome and I write books. Books about Paranormal things.  I am thirty and I am a romance addict. Movies, books, doesn’t really matter I devour it all. I write to feed my addiction. Stories I would like to read, I write.

I am a writer of Young Adult, New Adult and Adult. See, I have an addiction I told you. I take it anyway I can get it.
The Reborn is a YA about a guy , Dain, who has lived so many lifetimes in love with the same girl. They are an experiment on love and destiny by an evil group of scientist dead set on stopping them both.
Death Knows My Name is a very adult paranormal romance. Mayne St Leclair has lost almost everybody she allows to get close to her. She doesn’t know why but she knows she has to protect those she loves. She locks herself away in the prison of her apartment. A shell of her former self, going only to work and home. Her best friend, Devon  tells her she needs a fling to snap her out of this funk she is in. A familiar stranger, Eric, has more in mind for her than a fling. He never gives up and he only plays for keeps.
Part-Time Reaper #1: Tag em n’ Bag em My upcoming NA series.  Shaina has 99 problems and death ain’t one. Well, actually it is. She is the newest reaper. Shaina’s partner is her ex best friend as well as her former boyfriend who disappeared without a goodbye four years ago. Her current boyfriend isn’t a boy at all but an ancient angel with a defect. He has never heard the voice of God. Headaches, heartbreaks and mayhem...Yeah Shaina has 99 problems but Death is the least of them.

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