Friday, March 29, 2013

Tour Stop: Crimson Flames by Ashley Robertson

Title: Crimson Flames

Author: Ashley Robertson

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Book Description:
Half-vampire Abby Tate is determined to learn more about the sorceress powers that were awakened inside her when she was turned into a vampire—making her a whole new hybrid species. There’s a group of rogue vamps banding together and forming a Resistance against the vampire governing body, The Head Council, and Abby’s newly discovered powers are the key to the Council’s victory. Now the Resistance will do anything possible to remove the hybrid threat, and with no other options, Abby is forced to rely on the aid of the Council, yet can she trust the very vampires that hunt for her human lover? And even worse, can she fight the unwelcome attraction that’s growing between her and one of those ancient vampire rulers?

Author Bio:

Ashley Robertson resides in sunny Orlando, Florida, and loves writing about anything paranormal. She also composes poems and songs, though she learned long ago she doesn’t have a singing voice. When she isn’t writing you’ll find her spending time with family and friends, training in her home gym, traveling and exploring new places, and drinking fine red wines and gourmet coffees from her Nespresso machine.

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Naughty Bit:
Suddenly his lips connected with mine, and before I could think to push him away, I was kissing him back with a heated passion that was impossible to ignore. His fingers dug into my back and my legs seemed to turn to jelly so I threw my arms around him, not only for support, but because I wanted him closer, needed to feel the hardness of his body pressing against mine. In one swift motion, I was lifted off the floor and he was laying me down on the bed, the comforter soft and inviting as his body nestled on top of mine. The kiss deepened, becoming more sensual and erotic, and the fragrant scent of musk and sex filled my senses, only alluring me further. With a flick of his finger, the top button of my pink blouse was unlatched, then the next one, and he repeated the movement until my shirt fell open on both sides, revealing the light tan lacey bra that he’d given me to wear. A gasp of delight slipped out of my throat as he slid his finger along the top of the bra, digging under the hemline and coming ever so close to finding my tight, sensitive nipple. I gripped the edges of his slick black suit jacket and flung it from his body, throwing it blindly across the room. His grey tee was torn from him moments later, and as he pressed his bare, perfectly ridged chest against mine, a euphoric feeling blasted through me unlike anything I’d ever felt before. “You’re so freaking beautiful,” he said through a growl, unfastening my bra and lifting it above my breasts. I could feel the chill of exposed air on my ultra-sensitive flesh but then his lips left mine and he lowered his face, flicking his tongue over my nipple, then biting into it with his fangs. 

I screamed out in ecstasy, that unexpected move moistening my panties, and it had me grinding against his hardened length, practically begging for him to take me.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tour: 3 Book Reviews: The Vampire Chronicles by Jodie Pierce

My overall review of this series is that I'm glad I've gotten to read it. It's interesting to have a heroine who loved and lusted over others. I don't think she's really capable of actual love. It's not a happily ever after type of story.  If you like short vampire stories to escape into you  might want to give this one a shot. There are some lusty scenes which I feel are mostly in the first book but nothing I don't think steamy readers can't handle. You do have a F/F and a M/F relationship but neither of them are graphic. My favorite will always be the first book and my least favorite the last. I still think even the last book is worth picking up just to how it ends.

1. The Vampire Queen by Jodie Pierce

 Stars: 4
Flames: 2

I really like this book. She wakes up not knowing who she is and her inner character still stands out. There are twists I wasn't really expecting. It's really fast paced and drew me in. Towards the middle there were some things about the characters I didn't like. But I feel like as a reader they are traits you're not supposed to like. It's not really a hot read but it's definitely got some steamy parts with Kendra. Not so much with the Count though. I didn't find the Count to be enough for the Queen at all. But I did like him.  And I LOVED the ending! Definitely my favorite of all the books in the series.

A young woman awakes to find out not only is she an important Countess but she is also the very first or 'Ancient One' as she is called by her subjects. Her memories of being a vampire or anyone are gone so she must relearn everything (from spells to flying) from the people around her, but can they be trusted? She also learns her main objective as the old Countess was purifying the vampire race and wishes to continue with that work. The 'Others', powerful and evil vampires, attempt to use her memory loss to their advantage. They had been trying to entice her to their side for centuries. Struggling to remember her past, battling the 'Others' and coping with her new life keep the Countess busy throughout this spellbinding and thrilling novel. Will she succeed in her goals or will the 'Others' win her over to their side this time around?

 2. The Vampire Chronicles by Jodie Pierce
Flames: 2
 This one has a couple interesting twists. After leaving her precious Count she returns for her lover to find her an absolute wreck. Love really can make us utterly stupid. Kendra takes her back without much of a fight. The Queen definitely feels like a person who could fit in our world. She certainly has some extreme relationship issues. Don't most of us? *snickers* I bet most would pale in comparison to the Queen. At least for the sake of love I sure hope they do. I still feel Kendra and Queen make the hottest match for a couple out of the whole series. It's still fast paced as we learn a little more about the Queen's comes to learn more about who she was before becoming a vampire and how she became one. I really don't think the Queen is capable more then lust.
The Countess returns to her mansion to find the inside in shambles and her lover delusional and in rags. She cleans her up, snaps her out of it and tells her of her plan to go to Venice. There was a small group needing a coven leader and she wants the position. Once there it was brought to the attention of the Countess that a young Japanese lady vampire had made most of them and was not following the rules of creation. The Countess and her coven decided she needed to be stopped. They went to Japan and a huge battle ensued. The Countess of course won but was later kidnapped. While in jail, her powers did not work. Once there, she was granted a meeting with Samuru, the Japanese Emperor who belaid her entire heritage. Afterwards, he allowed her to go with no resistance to her coven when they invaded to rescue her. The Countess and the voice that she had fallen in love with was a vampire too so he returned with her to Venice to live out their days. Her previous lover gave up and left the Countess. There 
 are many other wonderful smaller characters in here. 

3. Demise of the Vampire Queen by Jodie Pierce
Stars:2 = just not for me
There was just something about this one that just wasn't for me. It's still well written but maybe it's because they felt like completely different characters to me right off the bat. Okay, that's not exactly a negative because we are dealing with vampires over a long span of time of course they are to change. But for me I couldn't get into it and I think that is the reason why. If you read the first two I still recommend you read it and make your own decision on it.
The Queen is once again ruling her subjects only this time it is a school for the ‘different’ children in Scotland. A school full of vampires, witches, warlocks, elves and fairies, one that is feared and hated by all who attend. A new group of witches and warlocks show up to her gates and cause all kinds of havoc within the school. Vampires and witches are at odds and only a few can see the survival of the school. An ancient lover and the Queen are reunited but at what costs? A new, as well as an old lover unite to attempt to take the Queen off her throne. Will it work? Will the Queen maintain her horrendous rule over the students? Can the spells woven work and change history? All will be told in the end.

Author Bio:
Jodie Pierce is thirty-seven years old and lives with her hubby, John in Cleveland, Ohio along with four beautiful step-children. She has had a fascination with vampires since they were introduced to her as a child and has had a long history with them. It wasn't until she started reading the Anne Rice vampire books that she was truly inspired. She was an exchange student in Brasil in high school so you can find some of her experiences from there in her stories. Many of her stories have historical or researched facts as she also enjoys research and learning about new places. She has published five short novels(Eternal Press), a short story in "Midnight Thirst 2", an anthology(Melange Books), has two self-published books and has several short stories that she still works on. She's always busy with the next great vampire story as her mind is non-stop and even plagues her dreams.
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